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    NEVERMIND!!! after i posted the thread, i checked one more time! my scores were up, i was certain it would say i failed, but i was wrong!!! I PASSED!!!!! :-) thank goodness gracious!! <3

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    I took my nclex july 2nd, so i should get results today, the 4th...but what about the holiday? Anybody else in a similar situation? I keep checking but nothing yet...

    btw, i had about 100-105 questions, i stopped looking after 96, and it turned off a few minutes later. cant remember the last question either! all meds and priority with 3-4 select all that apply. is that a good or bad thing?? approx. 50% of the questions had meds, it was ridiculous.

    any comments/advice are much appreciated bc i'm freaking out waiting!!