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    haha, alright then, so it is pretty much the same, everywhere, all around. I was just curious. thanks guys

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    I applied at this hospital, and they called me for an interview to either work .5 or flex as a CNA. I thought this was great because working flex would be perfect for when school starts.

    However, I saw an aquaintence at school the other day that has been working at the same hospital for a few years, and I asked her if she would work flex. She said no because it was harder and you never know where you are going to be.

    I've only had about 2 months of experience working at a nursing home, and I'm a nursing student. Would working flex be too hard for someone like me who hasn't had too much experience working as a CNA? What are some of the cons? and what is so hard about it in the first place?

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    I go to a community college, and for my school, it gets super stressful trying to plan for care the night before clinicals because our instructors GRILL us about our medications.

    we have to know generic/brand name, classification, category, side effects, action, and by acton i don't mean something like "for hypertension" we are required to know, for instance, that lasix inhibits the reabsoption of Na and Cla in the loop of henle and distal tubules.. stuff like that.

    How are you guys asked about medications during clinicals? I'm just curious if it's the same for other schools