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    I read the entire article. That poor woman, fatally injured and trying to retrieve her baby. It makes me physically ill that someone, and a nurse at that!, could do this. How dreadfully sad and needless.

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    I agree that there are instructors out there who have some kind of mental/emotional instability. When I was in LPN school over 28 years ago, we had one instructor that was very up front about her intentions. Three of us girls were a different race and financial status (we were poor as church mice and she flashed her money/jewels/cars) than this teacher. She said in front of the other students that she was going to weed us three out, and make sure the male student of her race was going to graduate if it killed her, that no male of her race had graduated the program before and he was going to do it if it killed her. And she said it more than once, I mean every week it was said to us.
    In the end, the other two girls AND the male student all dropped/flunked out. I made it out and graduated the program, no thanks to her. She was not only our clinical instructor but also lectured in class the first quarter. I did not get a good grade, it was passing, but not great in her lecture class.
    We told our DON and the other teachers what she had said, and all they said was to prove her wrong, do well and get past it. Well, that was d*mned hard to do. She SHOULD have been counseled, fired, what have you.
    And the fact that this is allowed to keep going on, nearly 30 years later shows that nursing schools are still stuck in this "take abuse and suck it up" mentality. My question is WHY? We wouldn't, as nurses or just people in general, counsel others to stay in an abusive situation and just 'take it, that's the way it is.'

    Speaking of unstable instructors, in that same program, I had our mental health instructor ask me if I would be a surrogate mother for her. We, the students, had been discussing our pregnancies, and I stated how I had relatively comfortable pregnancies and how I enjoyed being pregnant. A day or two later, she came and sat with me at lunch and asked me right out if I would be interested in carrying a baby for her. My answer was, and still would be, no, I would be afraid I would get attached to the child. Later on, it struck me just HOW inappropriate it was for her to ask me this while I was her student. She was a very nice lady and I ddin't fear any retribution from her, and there was none, but it just wasn't correct.

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    1.) What type of nursing licensure do you have? Please check or type your title. __x__LPN_____RN______Other

    2.) How long have you been a nurse?
    A. Less than one year B. 1-3 Years C. 4-6 Years D. 7-10 Years E. 10 Years or more

    3.) What annual salary do you expect as a nurse with your amount of experience?
    A. $35,000 - $45,000
    B. $45,000 - $55,000
    C. $55,000 - $65,000
    D. $65,000 - $75,000
    E. $75,000 or more

    4.) What type of nursing education have you received?
    A.) Diploma
    B.) ADN
    C.) BSN
    D.) MSN
    E.) Ph.D
    F.) Other____LPN_______

    5.) What type of facility do you work for?
    A.) Hospital B.) Long-Term Care Facility C.) Home Care D. Other- Major Insurance Co.

    6.) Have you ever worked on a medical/surgical floor? A. Yes B. No

    7.) What shift do you work?
    A.) 7:00 A.M.- 7:00 P.M. B.) 7:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M. C.) 7:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

    D.) 3:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. E.) 11:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M. F.) Other___________

    8.) Do you like being a nurse?

    Very Often_______Often__x____Sometimes________Rarely________Not at all______

    9.) What kind of nurse are you? (OB, Critical Care, ER, etc.) Currently I work in utilization management. My last on-the-floor job was in stepdown tele. I have worked in the past 28 years in LTC, almost all hospital depts except nursery and oncology, Rehab, Home Health and Private Duty.

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    Aluminum foil and scotch tape! The foil will mold to a good fit out over the window frame past the glass. Keeps out all light and inexpensive!

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    NOT as a nurse, but as the mother of a grown daughter who could well have written your post, for pity's sake, take your doc's advice!!! If you try it for a couple of months, you, along with your family, may be very surprised at the difference in your outlook on things. Long term depression can give you that 'I-don't-deserve-to-feel-better' kind of feelings. I have watched my own daughter struggle with this very issue for literally 12 or more years. I beg you to give yourself the chance to get better and enjoy life.

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    Got to have that insurance to pay for my stupid expensive medicines.

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    What is your educational background?

    Years of experience?
    almost 28 years

    Years drawing blood?
    1990 - 2007 (17 years)

    What kind of education did you get for doing blood draws?
    one day intensive class at work, and one day seminar

    What was the most challenging part about drawing blood?
    Finding the right vein on teeny little dehydrated patients vs finding any vein on very large folks

    Are there any tip or tricks you have learned throughout the years that you have found useful?
    FEEL for the vein, the bouncier the better.

    How often do you have to draw blood on your clients?
    Now, never. Then, daily, sometimes several times a day.

    Which labs do you most frequently draw?

    Are there any particular labs that are difficult to draw?
    None more than others.

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    I always say, This is Karo, I won't be in today, please tell my supervisor. It is NONE of their business what is or is not wrong with you. Sometimes I call in because I'm sick all right, sick of work.

    The only time I gave details was when my son was hospitalized with possible meningitis. Had been told ' you cannot miss today, don't care what goes on (was new job).' So I showed up, my ADON asked why i wanted off, told them kid had LP pending, possible meningitis. OH BOY, she backed off from me 20 feet and said go on home and don't come back without a note saying he's not got it OR when the doc's sure you're not carrying it!!!! LOL Had two off days til they decided he didn't have it. They never told me again that I couldn't take an off day!!!!

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    God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And the Wisdom to Know the Difference.

    My mother lived bythat for 13 years, and it has helped me many many times since she passed.
    I hope it can help you and give you some comfort as well.

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    My last 3 jobs prior to my present job all started out as 8 hrs, followed fairly quickly by 12 hr shifts. I would work 2 12's, have a day off, work 1 12, then have 3days off, repeat.
    I HATED working 5 8-hr days!!!!
    That being said, my current job is 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week. BUT I tele-commute from home. THAT I can handle!!!

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    I have blond hair below my waist. If its winter, I leave it down. If its summer I put it up in a ponytail or chic bun. Either way, no one has ever mentioned my hair in the interview, and I've always gotten jobs, so just make sure its clean and neat and just as nice looking as the rest of you, and it'll be fine!!!

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    I would think the hospital would want to upgrade you to a nurse job once you're licensed. Working for aide pay, when legally you would be held to an RN standard of care is not wise for you, (although I/m sure some hospiatal bean counter would think its just fine!).

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    I myself find the OP's original post rude and offensive.

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    I believe in the Lord Christ and have all my life. I am in no way a "good Christian", as I have never learned to keep my mouth shut, but I believe He loves me just the same.