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    You could leave your current facility and/or change the area of nursing your working in which isn't so stressful.

    My current position I get to shoot pool, watch tv, hang out and eat dinner with the guys (patients). There's a free rec a trip going out to breakfast this morning.

    I don't think Costco can beat that.

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    I was always told that I would find my "niche".

    Each new job I've taken has turned out better than the previous one. I have found one of the best jobs I think I'll ever find.

    I only work with one other person who is a good worker (excluding patients). We spend with the patients playing cards, watching tv, eating dinners with them, pass a few meds.............and as long as I'm doing my job no one bothers me.

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    Have you tried the VA? Not a bad place to work once you get in.

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    I entered nursing so I would have a job when I graduated school. If I were you I would compare the pay rates with other professions in your area. There are specialities in nursing that may be your fit such as becoming a visiting nurse. Also, do your homework, see if there is a need in your area. Where I live schools are pumping out nurses in which many are having difficulty finding a job.

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    Quote from starnurse2b16
    Hello everyone, I am trying to begin my career as a nurse. I wanted to know what what do you like and dislike about being a nurse.Thank you in advance
    The great thing about nursing is that there are so many opportunities and specialties that you should be able to find something that fits you well.

    The biggest negative I have in nursing is that "nursing" always gets blamed when something goes wrong. You should be able to get used to it though. Where I work everyone charts the least needed to decrease any chances of getting blamed for something.

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    Quote from Rockcrawlerbabe
    RN Qualifications:
    -Nurse I, Level 1 - None beyond basic educational requirement (Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing)
    -Nurse I, Level 2 - Approximately 1 year experience OR Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing and bachelors degree in a related field OR Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
    -Nurse I, Level 3 - Approximately 2-3 years experience OR Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing and bachelors degree in a related field and approximately 1-2 years experience OR BSN and approximately 1-2 years experience ORMaster's degree in Nursing or related field with a BSN
    -Nurse II - BSN and approximately 2-3 years experience OR Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing and bachelors degree in a related field and approximately 2-3 years experience OR Master's degree in Nursing or related field with a BSN and approximately 1-2 years experience OR Doctoral degree in Nursing or related field

    RNs benefits include:
    • 26 vacation days
    • 13 sick days
    • 10 paid Federal holidays
    • Federal retirement system with 401K plan
    • Health and life insurance options
    • RN Salary Range: $41,259 to $74,349 per annum (*Based on Education and Experience)
    • May apply for tuition reimbursement up to $38,000 through the Education Debt Reduction Program
    • ~Obtained from Sample VA Job Announcement
    If Interested in more information on Title 38 here is the link:
    Title 38 Explained
    Title 38 Pay information

    Great information. I had to go for an interview to figure out VA pay as nurses do not use the GS pay scale.
    When I interviewed I was three months away from my BS. After interviewing with the unit manager I spoke with someone from HR. He basically told me to finish my degree which would bring me up to the Nurse II as the pay difference is appr 7K/yr. With exp and/or a degree the VA in Massachusetts pays RNs as well, if not better, than the area hospitals. Now with my BS and a couple years exp my base pay would be over $60,000 (and it looks like the pay went up since my interview).

    If you look for a position on you can do a search within your zip code to see a pay range for your location. Figure around $5,000/yr for a degree and appr. $2,000/yr for every two years exp and you can get a better idea of the pay for your area. These are only appr. figures, you need to talk with HR to see the scale for your area (unless someone knows where these scales are online).

    The pay in the northeast is much higher than much of the country (along with COL) so $60K may be on the high side to start.

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    Mercy pays well for the area, I believe it was around $27 and some change to start (I believe pay also depends on years of exp). I was making $30 and some change with evening shift diff. The pt ratio was around 6-7. I didn't work at the medical hospital but worked for Providence Psych Hosp which is part of Mercy, I only spoke with others who worked there.

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    The last I knew Baystate did not hire travelers (at least that's what I've been told). I currently work for Franklin Baystate Medical (Baystate bought out Franklin) and they do hire travelers. You could probably ask a recruiter, the predominant company that travelers use a Franklin is American Mobile.

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    I worked with someone who was doing agency. He would get more per hour ($40.00), would pick up as many shifts as possible (many times working doubles) to get as much overtime as he could. He would also take a good part of the summer off without pay and has grossed over 100K 5 out of the last 8 years.

    I'm not disciplined enough to work agency, I would take too much time off. BTW, I'm in the Northeast and the pay is here is higher than most of the country.

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    Does anyone rent their home while traveling?

    I'm thinking about renting my place next spring and getting a small apartment for my daughter in another state. My question is would the state with my house declare me a resident even though I am renting it to someone else? I don't want to pay taxes to this state if I'm not living there. I have no intention of working here either, but again, I don't want to pay taxes here if I'm not a resident.

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    Quote from kerrielynRN
    My company is paying me $49/day as a untaxed stipend as part of my contract. That's on top of my hourly wages.
    The various GSA rates are $39 $44 $49 $54 $59 + $64.

    I'm guessing you're company looked the state and county and used the rate found on the GSA site. Does your county and state correspond with the GSA rate?

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    Not sure if this has been answered and I apologize if it has.

    According to the GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) federal/military travelers are given a per diem for meals and expenditures.

    This is showing that these employees can claim from $39 to $64 daily for meals and incidental expenses. I'm assuming this table is for any traveler, and if so, do travel companies figure this in when deciding your contract? I've heard from travelers who say they get a certain amount for food weekly and it's tax free.

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    Thanks for all of the input.
    I currently started at a different facility partly to see how I could function in a new facility. The tasks, meds, and general care were easy to pick up but the computer charting was difficult. The facility uses CIS and it took me a number of weeks to figure out all of the charting and I'm pretty good with computers. There is a traveler there and she did mention that this computer system was one of the more difficult she's come across. Thanks for all of the input, I guess it's a matter of just figuring out the charting as quick as you can.

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    This question is in regards to charting things that are essential.

    For instance, in one facility I worked we had places to chart in the computer for anyone on anticoagulants as to whether or not there was bleeding of the gums, etc.

    How much of charting is hospital policy vs JACHO requirements? Could someone put up a list as the essentials of charting when traveling?

    I'm also wondering if you don't find a place in the computer, do most people try to incorporate this info into a written note to cover your a**? Thanks for any info.

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    My 2 cents:

    I wanted to go straight into psych but was discouraged by enough employers that I went into med-surg first.

    As much as I disliked med-surg I'm glad I did. I am currently working in a hospital and will be floating between the psych and med-surg units. Each position requires two totally different approaches and I continue to have a greater appreciation for both. This keeps things interesting for me as I tend to become complacent easily.