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    I am in a pickle. I graduated from college in 1995 with a degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Psychology and minor in Health Sciences. I am very unhappy because I was rushed out of nursing into something I did not want to do by my over bearing THEN husband. I want to become a nurse so badly and I am so depressed that I am no longer working in the hospitals that I cry. I am slowly getting back on my feet (I'm the mother of 4 including a six month old), I have the support of my wonderful parents while I go through this messy situation. I want to know is there any way for me to go back to school other than starting OVER to earn the degree I so desperately want? Any advice on what I could do to A- get back into health care (I AM A CNA) and B- become a LPN or RN? I can't afford FOUR more years of college. Any help would be great. Thank you.