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    hey guys. i will be retaking my nclex exam in two days.i studied very hard (saunders Q&A, kaplan, ncsbn 5 week course) so i hope and pray that i can make it this time. i just want to know what tips you could advise me before i take the exam? any final pointers to take note of? thank you in advance.

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    you need to reapply to Nevada and pay fee to resit the exam then you re apply to pearsonvue. Had a quick look on their site but couldn't see anything regarding resitting the exam. You shouldn't have to resubmit any paperwork

    Good luck
    thanks silverdragon, but how will i reapply without paperworks? how will i pay them? i am here in the philippines so communicating the state of nevada can be quite a hurdle. i also visited their site but couldnt find any instructions. <sigh> thanks again silverdragon

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    hey guys

    i need help regarding my retake of the nclex examination it has been a little over 45 days since i took my exam and i am now elkigible to take the exam again (i appied to the state of Nevada). My question is: what will be the procedures that i need to do? do i need to reapply, fill out a reexamination forms? can i pay directly to pearsonvue without filling out forms?

    i went to the pearsonvue site and i was doubting if i would pay right there and then with the fear that i must be doing something first before the payment; and regrettingly i couldnt refund payments.

    please help. im just stressed that i do not know what to do