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    i am now sitting in a session where i am supposed to be entering orders for epic conversion. the whole teaching facility here in palo alto will change over tonight at mn. it is a little bumpy. hopefully, the whole changeover of the hospital will be smooth, and this system will be better than the system it replaces. :typingall md must place orders in the computer. many of the housestaff will have laptops to enter the orders, so no more verbals.

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    Sorry, my five years old decided to practice on my screen

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    cat striper cute hello boo frighten striper crawling around the room and got tired. [banana]:trout::angryfire:spin:

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    i am a staff nurse at stanford. but as, i said previously, we did not strike, and have stable contract ratified by over 1700 rns in place until 2010. but this moot point since the original poster did so last march. stanford is in the top 15 hospitals in the nation and has a reputation for nursing excellence. we are a magnet facility. all the nurse recruiters worked both med/surg and icu- they know and understand the territory.

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    As a Stanford RN, we did not strike- not even close. There was a strike before I worked there, about 10 years ago. As for the ED, Stanford and Lucile Packard are separate hospitals despite being in the same building. the adult ED and ped ED are separate entities. As for the clinic, I can't say.

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    I work at Stanford. I'm not sure if you are asking about the post open heart unit (North ICU) or the CCU. If you are asking about the CCU, I can give you info since that is my unit. I have worked there for 5 years. The unit is D1 and is divided with 8 CCU beds and 14 intermediate ICU (CSU) beds. The CCU is capable of managing vents, IABPs, CVVH, patients with rejection of their transplanted heart, and a multitude of vasoactive drips. The stepdown (CSU)side can manage select vasoactive drips and technically do not titrate them. CSU gets S/P MI, cardiomyopathies, CHF, S/P ablations, pacemaker or AICD insertions, percardial drains, patients waiting for a heart, and arrhthymias. Pt nurse ratio in CCU is 2:1 or 1:1, CSU 4:1 (ratio changes to 3:1 on 1/1/08). I love working there. The all RN staff is capable of working both sides of the floor.

    As to your question, I came to Stanford as an experienced RN (20+ years) so I did not require a critical care course. I believe there is a critical care course. On my unit, there is extensive competency based orientation and mentoring.

    Hope to see you there!:spin:

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    "blinded by the light "was written and performed by bruce springsteen, and

    also done by manfred mann in a slightly different version.:spin:

    " i don't want to go to rehab" is done by amy winehouse, incidently before she recently went to rehab.

    happy holidays !!!!
    i hope that whichever holiday you work is peaceful!!

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    Hi Alois,
    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time finding a mental health care provider. A place to start is your health insurance list of psychiatrists/psychologist.If that is a no go, try a med school (UMDNJ or one or the Philly schools) or local hospital, or the NJ Board of Psychiatry. Once your diagnosis is in place by the psychiatrist, medications can be prescribed. Sometimes it does take a while for them to be helpful. Then you need a therapist, because the meds don't do it all. A therapist will help you deal with life and decrease the stresss which will exacerbate the BPD.

    It sounds as if you are on a rollercoaster of emotion. Medication will "mood stabilize". This in and of it self will make coping a bit easier.I think you need to fortify yourself. There is probably a limit to the stress you can tolerate without some kind of help.

    As far as I remember, getting a NJ RN license did not entail a questionaire about health issues, but that was 20+ yrs ago. When I moved to CA 6 yrs ago, there also was no questionaire that I recall. During job interviews, no one can ask about health issues, The employment physical occurs after you have been hired and the information is confidential.

    I was diagnosed as bipolar type 2 eighteen months ago, after being misdiagnosed for 20 years. Finally after 2 suicide attempts, and years of trying the wrong things, I feel pretty good. I hate to think anyone should have to go through what I did. There are options and you don't have to suffer alone. As other posters have said, support groups can help. They are people that understand what you are going through, and are nonjudgemental.

    Good Luck

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    i have used provigil 200 mg for night shift for several months, it not only helps stay awake during my shift, it keeps me awake for my 30 mile ride home. it keeps me from driving off the road in the morning.

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    by coldplay

    ......cursed missed opportunities
    am i a part of the cure
    or am i part of the disease............

    i always ask this when giving futile care.

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    harvey danger- flagpole sitta

    .....been around the world and found
    that only stupid people are breeding
    the cretins cloning and feeding
    and i don't even own a tv

    put me in the hospital for nerves
    and then they had to commit me
    you told them all i was crazy
    they cut off my legs now i'm an amputee, ******* you

    i'm not sick but i'm not well
    and i'm so hot cause i'm in hell
    i'm not sick but i'm not well
    and it's a sin to live so well .......

    reminds me of a very bad night..................................

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    robert wood johnson university hospital in new brunswick. i worked there for 12 years before i move to ca. lots of cutting edge technology, one of 3 hospital in us to have the artificial heart. transplants, crrt etc. critical pt flown in. it can be very exciting. you will work your butt off. as for centrastate in freehold, it is a small hospital, not fast moving or cuttting edge. i lived 1 mile from centrastate, but travelled 30 miles to rwjuh.

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    I thought I posted before, but I can't find it. Sorry if I am repeating.

    I never leave for work without my stethoscope, calipers, hemostats, sharpie markers, a pen, 1.5 liters of water, and, most importantly, at least 2 packs of gum. At my hospital, we have policy and drug references on line, so I don't need to bring them. All of our charting is computerized too.

    Another things I take/wear are comfortable scrubs, a sweatjacket for when the temperature drops at 0300, good footwear ( cross trainer sneakers for me) and a good supportive bra. :spin: (Sorry to the guys on this one! )

    Hope this helps! Don't bog yourself down by lugging too many books/ supplies- make priorities!

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    At my hospital, it is policy to use SBAR when calling the MD (usually intern or resident) ,and in ED giving report. It is not really used on regular floors or intermediate ICU's because written report is provided by the sending unit.

    In reality, it probably occurs 50% of the time. It is a good way to organize info so that it is all available.

    I work on a unit that is half CCU and half cardiac stepdown.


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    I believe if it is a group plan, you aren't excluded for mental health issues. Here in California, mental health is equal to any other illness (parity).