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    Quote from JacelRN
    Hello everyone,

    I see so many posts on people passing the boards their first try but unfortunately, I am one who didn't. I know I am not alone but I wanted to hear from anyone who may have had similar problems with anxiety in taking the NCLEX. I know for me I pushed myself way too soon to take the test after graduating, getting married, honeymooning and taking the test the following week.

    After about question 88 I had a panic attack and my pulse started racing. I never recovered and the computer shut off at 155 questions. I had no idea how I did until today.

    I plan on taking Kaplan's online course as my second prep class and hope it helps better than the first course I took.

    So if anyone has any words of wisdom for me, I would appreciate it.

    Here's to Abraham Lincoln who never gave up and neither will I.


    No, You are not alone- I just recently failed my NCLEX also--I have cried,cried,cried etc. But now I realize I must take this stupid test again and crying is not helping me do that! So, I will give you a word of advice--the results of your NCLEX will not determine the type of nurse you will become-your patients will not ask you if you passed your boards the 1st time--But we both know that passing boards is a MUST-so I can not tell you not to worry, because I am extremely worried and lost at this point. Just don't give up! I have a quick question for you-if I take my test again in another state will I have to wait the 45 days?
    Thanks-I hope you recover your confidence!

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    I have a quick question for anybody who can answer it-- I recently took my NCLEX and failed--If I take it in another state do I have to wait the 45 days--Thanks