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    This probably isnt a top priority topic but our hospital (dir of nrsg anyway) has decided to make mandatory uniform in colors for rn, lpn, sec and pca's. After 30yrs. At an economic time like this. We must buy new uniforms and there is no uniform allowance. Is any other hosp. doing this or already does this? We work in a department that also is on call 24/7 sometimes working everyday of the week . We have less than 2 wks to comply. Not sure what happens if we dont. Arent there more important things to worry about than this??
    Thanks for any input.

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    Any one have criteria in their hospital regarding insertion of picc lines in known iv drug users. We had to insert a picc in known iv drug user .Later it came back that she was indeed using her line for drugs and that she broke it and the cath may have migrated inside. We questioned the initial insertion and were told we must put the line in so that the pt could be discharged. any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi, It s not unusual for us to give that much versed and more especially in young anxious pts. We are using MAC now more and more with anesthesiologists giving propafol . It works much quicker and pts wake up much quicker without the hangover effect. Hope this helps.

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    We started a new picc program at our hospital. I need to know what the criteria is regarding pt.s on Plavix, coumadin, asa, with elevated pt,inr, or ptt. We don t like to do picc's on pt's with >1.7 inr. Are there any guidelines we can go by? Any info is appreciated. Help! Thanks.