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    :spin:well I had my unit orientation today. I thought it went great. I met all the charge nurses and the unit mngr. I got a tour. Introduced to all the ppl who work my shift. Met my preceptor. Ate lunch with one of the nurses in charge.

    I talked with several new employees who said they didnt even see there mngrs. I feel very fortunate. Im a little dissapointed that my unit wears street clothes, I was looking forward to scrubs.

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    Thanks so much for the comments. WOW I start on Monday. Well that is the day of orientation. I have been reading all the psych books i can find. I know that doesnt make up for lack of experience. However it helps me a little so Ima read.

    I cant wait. I have been out of work for 4 months now and it was killing me as well as going through a split in my relationship. And the suicide of my Grandfather. I have dreams of being a psychitatrist. But I know as of now I have to start somewhere. I first set this goal for myself when I moved to Mississippi. I would say like 5 years ago. Well I made it to a convalescent home. I was a hydration aid there, keeping up with food and fluid intake mainly.

    Well after my grandfather died I seperated from my relationship and quit my job. I was trying to figure out what I was gonna do next. My Dad mentioned my previous goal of psych tech. The power of suggestion. Well then I enrolled in school got a part time job and became a psych tech. It has been a grueling 6 months but with my NEW CAREER starting on Monday and the dream of furthering my education. Life is opening a new door for me. Opening my eyes, finally.

    My shadow
    Change is coming
    Now is my time
    Listen to my muscle memory
    Conteplate what Ive been clinging to
    Fourty Six and 2 ahead of me.

    See my shadow changing
    Stretching up and over me
    Soften this old armour
    Hoping I can clear the way
    By stepping through my shadow
    Coming out the other side

    Step into the shadow.

    Lyrics from Tool 46&2

    sorry for the long post.

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    Only a few more days. I am really excited to get in there. I know I am starting off a lil lower on the totem pole. I am planning on continueing ed through programs where I work any advice on what to go to school for? Would you recommend RN is psych or a different area in psych.

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    28-30 bucks in NY that is pretty good. I am starting out at 11.07 for Psych tech. I will be going to school asap. WOW like 15-18 more per hour for 2 more years of school. I hope NC pays as well!

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    As RN's or other what do you look for in a new hire. What would you say you would look at "first" or "most" in a new psych tech?

    Hopefully all your wonderful insights will help me starting out in behavioral health.

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    WOW...Thanks for such a great job description. It really seems like I am going to love it. I plan on continuing school but im not sure what I wanna do next. I am curious how to best respond to a hallucinating patient. In some places I have worked its not proper to say "it will be ok" etc etc. I am wondering what is the best way to deal with these patients. I am nervous because I know ppl will be watching me in my first few weeks and I want to do things right.
    Again thanks for a great post. Very informative!

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    Hello I am new to this forum. I am a CNA in NC. I am a male 29 years old and just starting my new career. I have a job as Psychiatric technician at the local hospital. My first day is July 2nd. I am getting nervous. I am not sure what to expect. I have been reading up on this forum to gain some insight. I have self studied Psych for several years and have natural psych skills. I guess the the technical aspect is what I am intimidated by. Any advice for me would be awesome.

    What exactly is a psych techs role in the behavioral health unit?

    Any tips for my first day, or encouragement is appreciated. THANKS!:spin: