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    Quote from jeepdudern
    hey there...

    i graduated in jan and became licensed this past feb. i was already working as a nurse intern at a local hospital. im in ocala. i was laid off. i have applied to every hospital in marion and citrus county and have had zero call backs. luckily, while i was at the hospital as an intern, i was also a cna at a local rehab. so... i went full time at the rehab (sub acute). i love it. i am getting everything i would if i were in a hospital on a med/surg floor. iv's, picc lines, wounds, tube feedings, passing tons of meds, etc/ not only are hospitals not hiring new least in my area, they are shipping patients out a lot faster. alot of the time, after 3 days these patients are either discharged to sub acute or sent home. i deal with alot of ortho.
    so for me, right now, the experience i am gaining in invaluable. you have alot more patients when you work sub acute so your assesment skills and time management is essential, and delegation. you end up delegating numerous tasks to cna's and lpn's (within thier scope of course) but i am still the responsible rn on my floor.
    so, just be prepared. out of my graduating class, only one has secured a position in a hospital. others are doing md offices, home health, and rehab. by the way...i am making about $4 more per hour than the hospital was going to start me out with, had i not been laid off, which is an added bonus. im also able to do 8 hr shifts, which i wanted in the first place, and i can do doubles whenever i need/want extra cash, as anything over 8 hrs is paid as overtime. by the way, when i say rehab im not meaning psych, its physical rehab. and more and more, we are getting younger and younger patients. rehabs arent just for the elderly. i dont know if its the economy or what, but we have several younger patients now in for various reasons. give it a may surprise you.
    this sounds exactly like what happened to me, minus the laying off part. i just graduated this passed december from an adn scholarship program, so i am contracted to work for 2 years at the county teaching hospital. unfortunatly when i was going through the interviewing process there were very limited positions. i applied for a rehab floor and was immediately hired. it was not exactly what i wanted at all, but it has turned out to be a blessing. our floors sound very similar. we have a lot of ortho (fractures, hip and knee replacements, etc.) and spinal (para, tetra, etc.) and we are also 8 hours. i am happy there for the time being, especially when i see how hard it is out there.

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    And to answer your question, yes you should be finished by August of next year. It is only 3 semesters for you, which would put you at August of next year.

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    Quote from MagnesiuM
    well, i prefer to keep a positive attitude towards life....i don't think that's tempting fate or god's's how to survive in a hard world! if i weren't optimistic about my future, then i may as well roll over and die now, right? LOL LOL

    anyway, just because there are only 5 or 6 attending some pinning ceremony doesn't mean only 5 or 6 made it.....i know that many do not make it, but i'm quite sure the numbers aren't THAT bad! hahahaha....MDC wouldn't be a very good school if they were that bad. :-)

    that still doesn't answer my question, though, which is, when does the AO program that begins this August (wednesday!) end next year?


    In no way was a saying that you are tempting fate by making plans, all I am saying is that i spoke to 2 of the AO students who confirmed that MANY of them were not graduating on time and had to stay behind. Acyually the majority. And it is not "some ceremony", it is the Nursing Pinning Ceremony and is usually taken pretty seriously. So, I wish you the best of luck, but from someone that has been in the generic option for the last year, has not fail a class yet, and has seen her fellow generic students -as well as AO students- drop like flies, take it from me making concrete plans based upon the exact time of graduation is slightly temping fate. You will learn to live one semester at a time.

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    Quote from MagnesiuM
    i am starting the accelerated program next week. Does anyone know specifically when/which month the students who start the AO in august will graduate?? for some reason, MDC will not give me this info. when i asked an instructor, i said, well, it's three semesters and we go during the summer next year too, so, that means we graduate in august, right? and he said, "oh....yeah, something like that i guess....maybe."

    why so evasive? is there something i should know? i'm planning on moving out of state after i graduate....that's kind of why i'd like to know at least the month the program ends! :-)

    can't wait to start.....good luck to all of you in all programs and hello to any fellow AOers! :-D
    Hello there Magnesim,

    I am not sure if you have eer heard the phrase, "if you want to make god laugh. make plans." That is why your prof. was so evasive. The truth of the matter is that I attended the pinning ceremony this past Mayas an usher, and out of the starting accelerated option students(which i dont know how many started), only 5 or 6 were at the ceremony. Not to say that couldnt be you, but if you have plans to move straight out of school I would not make them so permanant. Good luck.


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    Quote from YSB82
    yeah! the lady from Jackson has been really nice at least with me, and it seems like they are really working in the organisation of every detail, today I received another email about the schedule and far, I'm happy with my decision.:heartbeat

    Hi there YSB82!

    I am part of the JHS Scholars program, and I am starting the 4th semester this fall 08. Let me tell you that it has been a great year, and I am very thankful for all the opportunities and life experience Jackson has afforded me this past year. I am very excited to be part of the Jackson family when I graduate, and I sure you will be happy there too.
    Now that I have said that, if you think that Jackson is at all organized, you must quickly take that thought out of your head or you will have a horrible time in this program. Jackson and MDC combined are some of the most poorly organized instiutions ever, but it is part of thier charm. You will grow to understnand this as time passes, but I thought I should let you know now that if you think that this year is going to be smooth sailing and that classes are going to be hard, just know that there are going to be set backs, late scedules, missed emails, etc. All of those things will make you stronger and more able to deal with real life. Well, good luck and I'll probably be seeing you on the 7th floor.


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    Hello to all past, present, and future MDC Nursing Students,

    I, too, will be going into the 4th(and LAST) semester at MDC. I am so anxious to start, it is all I can think about. I am part of the Jackson Scholars program, but I think i know you akspudus (we spoke after psych care plan test). You are giving some great advice, and you are describing this past years experiences so accurately.
    I remember being as nervous as these newbies. My advice to all of you who are starting this fall is to relax!!!!! The biggest problem is that some people do not know who to balance thier life. By no means am I saying that you should take it lying down, just know that ecerything works out for a reason. Not all the teachers are the best, in fact, most of them dont really care about your complaints. Just go in and work hard and that is all you can do. I cant believe and entire year has gone by already. It feels like yesterday I was walking into Health Assessment. Also, dont make a big deal out of things. Blood pressures are not that difficult, PAY ATTENTION IN HEALTH ASSESSMENT,it is one of the only thing that semparates us(RNs) from LPNs and you will need it throughout the program. STUDY LIKE YOU NEED TO KNOW THE MATERIAL FOREVER, DO NOT STUDY TO PASS THE TESTS! I have class mates that have done that and they are eaither out of the program or having to retake classes. Get to know your classmates early on and make groups, dont go it alone, you will need the support. That's all I can think of for know.

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    In Mdc
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    Hi There,

    I too just finished the 2nd semester going into my 3rd next week at MDC. It has been such a rollercoaster, so if you think that you are going crazy now just be sure to keep in mind that it gets even worse. Of course, I mean that is the best way possible. I have not loved every minute, but for the most part it has been, and continues to be, am amazing journey.

    I hope nothing but the best for you!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

    By the way I am in the Jackson Scholars program, so if and when you do get in, feel free to ask about that option.


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    In Mdc

    Hi jae82301,

    I got my accpetance letter about a week and a half ago. I have been going crazy with all the forms and stuff. Has any one heard about the orientation?

    I wish everyone luck that applied and look forward to meeting everyone in the fall!


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    Hi there,
    I had a 3.6 when I applied. I got in and I am starting this fall!

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    Hi There

    My best friend works for Kieser in Miami(I don't want to say where), and trust me you do not want to go to that school. I have gotten to know the people who work there, especially in admissions, and when someone compared them to a used car salesman, it is so true. They are pushed to recruit as many people as they possibly can using whatever tactics necessary. My friend was telling me that until very recently Kieser was not even SACS accredited. Even worse, before they were accredited the staff and faculty where told to keep the fact that they were not on the hush-hush. They would take advantage of peoples ignorance and would sign them up and have them pay 4 or 5x the regular amount that they would pay at a community college. And what is even worse they would not even be able to transfer any credits to another institution.