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    (please excuse the spelling for some reason unknown to me spell check would not work, figures just my luck!) I have been a nurse for 9 + years. I started in an ICU setting and let me just say they definetly tried to eat their young. I have since that day vowed to never make anyone feel the way that I had felt being a newer nurse. 8 years later I am still in the ICU setting due to an unforseen event (my hospital closed) 2 years ago I was forced to find a new job and landed one with one of the larger health systems in town. After being on the unit less than six months I was promoted to a level three nurse (CCRN, a required project was completed) for both personal and professional benifits. I soon found myself thrown into the night time charge position everything was fine and dandy until approximately six months ago. During that time our previous director retired and was replaced.
    A few issues have come up on the off shift such as an older/experienced nurse who has made multiple mistakes where the patient has suffered as a result. The nursing supervisor was contacted as the next person in the chain of command at my facitlity but I received a lecture the next morning how I should have called her "my manager" at home regarding the issue. I just followed our hospital policy regarding the chain of command.

    The next situation involved a coworker who had fallen and hurt her arm at home on a saturday. This nurse proceeded to post facebook pictures and status updates of her arm all weekend and then came to work on THURSDAY and made a commotion about her bruised arm and the physician advised her to get an xray. The xray was obtained while the nurse was on the clock and as luck would have it I was in charge that evening. I called the supervisor informed her a nurse was out of staff pending the xray result and I had lined up another nurse to come in if need be. The xray turned out to be fine and the nurse could return to work without restrictions. The nurse walked onto the unit wearing a sling and was advised that if they felt that they needed to wear the sling they would have to go home ill at 11pm per hospital policy. The nurse was angry and upset because they did not have enough sick time saved. After being informed that she could not wear the sling the nurse conveniently had difficulty opening vials, doors, etc but was convenietnly healed when it came to texting.

    The next morning I had to fill in our manager about the events of the past night and once again was upset that I didn't call her at home. I honestly didn't have a spare minute inbetween taking care of my two patients plus her two patients and the normal unit business. The supervisor was aware and also I had staff willing to come in and replace the injured nurse if necessary. The nurse who I had to report for the xray has started retaliation along with her troop of newer nurses and is making my life hell.

    I have been told recently that I am found to be intimidating and bullylike when I am in charge. When asked for an example management was unable to give me one in fear of exposing the person that made the complaint. I feel that I can not adequately defend myself without knowing the behavior. I am not a mean person or am difficult to approach. If I look busy its because I usually am with my own assignment plus charge responsibilites/staffing/etc. I jhave never threatened, rolled my eyes, or refused to help anyone. Our unit is a locked unit so we are stuck with each other 12+ hours a shift. I know that we all are not going to get along. I am there to take care of my patients and if I make a friend or two along the way fine...if not I don't expect to have a unit address book lined up at 7am for our Christmas card exchange.

    My manager is particularly friendly with this younger group of staff and am fear of losing my job due to our zero tolerance for horizontal violence. Eventhough I did not perform any of the accused behaviors it ultimately becomes a game of he said she said. Has anyone ever experienced this? Advice? I am currently in process of being reviewed and if I am found not guilty I am still going to leave my current position in fear of it happening again. I contacted legal counsel and they basically said the state inwhich I am employed can terminate you for any reason and also the healthcare company I work for has numerous calls regarding issues like this.