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    Full or Part time student? ...Full time
    Do you work and go to school? ...I am a part time waitress
    Age? ...18
    Single or Married? ...Single
    Children (if yes ages?) ...No
    Other degrees? ...No
    Ideal nursing position? ...Neonatal intensive care
    Why you chose nursing? ... I want to help those who are unable to help themselves.(Infants) I also want to be remembered.

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    I really like the idea about the foot print of those lost very good idea!!!!

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    I would do it with out a second thought.
    I have a stong faith in GOD. Even if the patient didn't follow my beliefs I would still pray just maybe not out loud unless someone else was to lead it.:angel2:

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    I am a CNA currently attending a Tecnical/Community college. By December of 2003 I will be a RN. I was wondering what I had to do to be able to work in a NICU. I would love to start asap. So what is it that I got to do to be able to work in a neonatal?
    Please help me by responding.