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    Just last week, we had a mom name her baby Le-a'. She said the dash was not silent. She pronounced it Ledasha. Some people can be so stupid! A couple of years ago, I had a patient name her baby boy "MonkeyviRus".

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    I currently work in L&D in a hospital in Montgomery. I know that the hospital that I work at, we do hire new grads. I have been there for almost 15 years & love it. I work with a good group of nurses. The starting salary (I think it is the same for all 3 hospitals in Montgomery) is $18.00 an hour plus shift diff. The night shift diff is $4 an hour & evening shift is $3 an hour. We work 3-12 hour shifts and every 3rd weekend. I know that we have a couple of positions open. Email me & I will tell you some more. What nursing school do you attend? AUM, Auburn or Troy State? Good Luck!!