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  • Apr 25 '14

    Quote from tokmom

    This is a plus of going through the program with a friend. Pandora and I met here on AN an decided to team up. The only CLC we did not have together were two of them because they were previously assigned before we asked. It was nice having us together, because we had each others back and it helped to take off some pressure.
    I do have to give credit to Pandora for her wonderful editing. That woman is a machine!

    So you have two options. Take over the editing and 'drive the train' on your project that will cause you extra work, or two, sit back and pray you don't get docked too much. Some instructors say they grade per section, but I never wanted to take that chance. Sadly, it meant some slackers getting a free ride.
    Yes, you and Pandora were lucky to find each other here and help one another. I find this thread extremely helpful and have learned so much.... Like to hit the refresh button So I am hoping that while just starting my first class, I might just befriend someone in my class to go the rest of program with.

  • Mar 14 '10

    I took NCLEX-RN 3/11 I got my results today. I passed!!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus!

  • Jan 23 '08

    I understand how you feel. I went through all of the stages of grief. I realized that I was not the first person who that had happened to and I would not be the last (unfortuantely). My last clinical instructor gave me the news that I had failed and would not be graduating, and she and I both were in shock and disbelief. I was 5 days away from graduating from an ADN program.

    Thanks to her research and caring heart, she introduced me to Excelsior on that day, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. She told me to fulfill my dream of becoming an RN and come back to that school of nursing and prove to them that they were wrong and yes I do have what it takes to become an RN.

    One thing I realized was that it was okay to grieve. I replayed the moments of my final exam over and over until I knew where I had made silly mistakes, and knew I would never make those same mistakes again. However in grieving, I realized that feeling sorry for myself would only keep me down. You must allow time for yourself to reflect positively about what happened and either move on or stay down. I hate to sound to blunt, but that is the truth.

    Excelsior gave me a second chance, and you can have it too as long as you believe in yourself, stay confident,motivated, determined, stong, courageous, and fight a good fight! Don't let the haters get in your head. All of my friends are RN's and all of them have continually supported me through this program. I knew I had an advantage since I had sweated through one of the most rigorous RN programs. I realized Excelsior didn't have clinicals, and I am no LPN, so I entered an agreement with the #1 trauma hospital in my state and have been fulfilling precepted hours with skills checkoffs since I have been enrolled in the Excelsior program.

    I will be willing to assist you if I can. Please feel free to send me a pm.
    Much sucess to you!

  • Jan 22 '08

    I am also in the same boat. Passed all nursing classes.
    But could not pass the HESI exit exam that was required to receive my ADN degree-- needed an 850 made an 838.
    I am now going through Excelsior.

  • Jan 20 '08

    Just read up everything that is on the EC website about the program as it now stands and follow the directions that the school sets forth for you. You should also be able to get some input by using the messaging function on their site, the ECN, and by reading and contributing your questions to yahoo EC groups and people on this site. When you have specific questions, email or call the advisors at the school. They are polite and helpful. Your best sources of info are the EC advisors themselves. Be sure to pass on the info. As more people get involved with the process, there will be more word of mouth info out there, but you must always verify word of mouth by talking directly to EC staff. Good luck.