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    OK Now I've figured out why Suzanne seems to be anti-foreign nurse because she is American born nurse. After reading all her posts, I had a weird feeling why she is trying to discourage our hopes to be able to work in the US. Suzanne, you do know now how we(immigrant nurses) feel unless you are the one yourself. We are living day by day since the beginning of retrogression and this is just one part of the whole process for us to be able to stay here. You do not know what it takes even though you may have worked with tons of foreign nurses and years or experience in nursing profession. You know the laws and so do we but we need our hopes to move on as you do not. We think in positive way even if it is not really making any sense in a lot of cases but you may simply say that that bill is not going to become law etc. I know it is real but there are a lot of cases that people went through all those impossible obstacles in the system what we can call miracles.

    Foreign nurses just become nurse because they want GC? Wrong and right. My friend herself has become a nurse because she wants to get a GC but also she has become a top nurse at her hospital. She can't be giving better cares to her patients then what she is doing right now. You should even be grateful that it has given motivations to potential candidates to become full grown nurses that has taken care of the shortage. Of course you denied that US is not short of nurses. That is the biggest joke I've heard so far this year.

    People become nurse because they want GC. Right and so what? Doctors become doctors because they want money. Do you think all those med students are spending their time in med school because they care so much about people? Get real. Ask yourself again like what you asked, see from the other side of the picture.

    I really appreciate what you are doing for the whole nursing community but also you need some passions toward some less fortunate people. You are against CIR currently debating in congress and you are accusing it as amnesty so I know where you are coming from before I move on.

    Just two cents of my thought and what I want to tell other foreign nurses is that, just keep staying alive and do not back off.