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    Hi Morte. To answer your question, this patient has some history of loose stool . However, the current diarrhea is constant and almost bronze in color. Currently being treated with Vanco for possible C-dif even though culture came back negative. Thanks again, Newstudy.

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    Hello all. I have what would seem a simple question. What is the current treatment pathway for severe diarrhea in patient with TBI ? Patient is 80 years old. Right side craniotomy. Currently stable except for constant watery diarrhea. On K replacement. Probiotic therapy to begin. Patient has history of partial colon removal. C-Dif culture is negative. Diarrhea has been constant for 30 days. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you in advance, Newstudy.

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    Hello everyone,
    I am a R.N. Graduated in 02, passed boards in 03 and I've never
    practiced outside of clinical.I realize now that was a big mistake.I am
    studying my textbooks and have taken a refresher course.Refresher
    did not allow for much floor time in hospital.I know I can do this yet I'm
    aware of my lack of experience in basic procedures that will be expected
    of me, ie:hanging blood etc.Any suggestions on hospital refreshers or
    intensive new grad programs would be truly appriciated. I am located
    within 40 mins of philadelphia.I was a serious student and still feel I can
    be an excellent nurse.
    thank you all in advance,
    trying again

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    Hi everyone, I'm new and joined because the posting replies seemed
    very helpful. I know I'll have questions and will eventually have a few answers for others Thanks