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    I just started my prenursing classes two weeks ago. I am 37 years old and as far back I remember I always wanted to be a nurse. I work part-time and have 4 kids (3 ages 8 and under) Anyway, it has been awhile since I had been to school and I am a bit overwhelmed. Not to mention I took 9 credit hours for the short summer semester. I am beginning to doubt I can do this. I just don't know I am smart enough. I looked at example questions of the TEAS test and almost cried. It looks so hard. Thanks for listening...any words of advice are deeply appreciated. Thanks-Laura

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    Hi, this is my first post and i really need some help. I just started school two weeks ago for pre-nursing. I have a paper to write about nursing and I need to interview a nurse or two. I don't know any nurses yet....or the ones I do know are a little busy and I have to have this done by Sunday. Anyway, I have a few questions to ask you all.

    Why did you become a nurse?

    What is the most rewarding part of nursing?

    How long have you been a nurse?

    What department do you work in?

    Did you try diffrent nursing areas before you decided where you wanted to work or did you know right away?

    What is the hardest thing about nursing?

    What is the most rewarding?

    What advice can you give someone considering nursing?

    Why do you believe their is a nursing shortage?

    How can the problem be fixed..any ideas?

    Is nursing more demanding now or in the past?

    Thank you all of of you for your help...I can thank you enough. God Bless!