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    Thanks so much for the advice! I have decided NOT to go with a vocational school and actually go for my RN. I am really excited!! I'm pretty nervous but I know I can do it!! Thanks again!

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    My fears are HUGE!!
    1) I really fear I'm not smart enough. I know I am and I know I can do it but sometimes I doubt myself. Normal I'm sure.
    2)My other fear is being able to juggle it all with my kids. I have a 9 yr old, 3 yr old, and one on the way.
    3) Money is a big issue for me too. I dont know how I can come up with daycare costs if I end up needing daycare. Hopefully finacial aid.

    Its just fearing the unknown and I am sure it will all work out but right now I'm terrified!!

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    Good Luck everyone!!!

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    Sorry about that! I am wanting to become a LVN and there is a 2yr program for that at a local vocational school OR I would have to start fresh at City college and take all the pre-reqs, wait to get into the nursing program and because I would be going part time it would take a looong time. I am just wondering if vocational schools are as good as a nursing program at a college.

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    I really need some advice here. I cant decide if I should do a vocational school that will take alot less time or go to City College that will for sure take a really long time. Does it really matter where you went to school when looking for a job? I know its alot more expensive to go to a vocational school but the time thing is an issue for me. I am just worried that its not as good as reg college. I am also wondering how it will work later on if I want to become an RN. Can I just go back to reg school and take the classes to become an RN even if i graduated from a vocational school??

    My husband wants me to do the 2 yr vocational program since its fast but I'm just not sure thats going to be good in the long run.

    Any advice?? TIA!

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    Wow!!! I'm so sorry about you wife. I hope things get better for you very soon! Wishing you all the best! ((hugs))