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    Hit the wrong button.LOL ALWAYS, put some money aside for yourself. Put it in gold, silver, something that you can use, but, takes an effort to use. If it is easy, will use it up quick and un-necessarily.

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    I have been in LTC for 15 years. Was hourly, but, since I was making too much money, due to OT/holidays and making sure work was getting done, was placed on salary. Was I given a choice? Yes, work or find another job. That was a few years ago (13) Do I regret it? Yes, have worked though open heart surgery with complications, ARDS, cholesectomy and now post op 9/24/13 robotic prosectomy. Have survived being coded x4 and 2x on a vent. Point is, thru all that, am still as broke now as I was when I was put on salary. Before that, as an hourly paid employee, was able to pay the bills and have a little extra. Too old and too many problems to even be considered for another job. So, if you are still young and in good health, my advice is to stay on the clock. On salary, you will NEVER be paid for your time and effort and the powers that be will have you as a scapegoat for whatever they need. One more little piece of wisdom gained the hard way. ALWAYS

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    I was a Navy Corpsman from 1973 to 1977. When I got out in IL, the only thing I was qualified for was a nursing assistant and/or EMT. But, unlike some of my friends who went into other fields, I sucked it up, did the CNA thing while going for LPN, then worked as an LPN while getting my RN. Unless you were a Corpsman before 1975, which was when they changed the classes, there is no way to understand what a Navy Corpsman did. Everything that a floor RN does, Corpsman did it. Along with serving with the Marines, and as independent Corpsmen on ships. It made it alot easier getting the degree and working at the same time. President Obama doesn't have a clue what a corpsman does. Neither does the rest of the civilain population, so may as well just buckle down and get it done. I also got into the Air National Guard, which paid for books, etc for only 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks/year. Of course that pre-Iraq. Might think differently now. Have I regretted the way I did it? Only when work gets to be bear, then wish I drove a truck for a living.

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    Here is the deal. Next Tues I go in for open heart with 8 blocked arteries. They can fix 6 with grafts, will wait 2 days and get the other 2 with angioplasty stents. They will know I am a nurse because it is in my files. I do not work at this hospital. If and when I wake up, I really don't care if they know I am a nurse or not. I know the kind of treatment and care I give and that is what I expect. I have been an observer in open heart cases, have recovered open heart patients and know the risks, etc. Would be much better off being a truck driver going into this. And yes, passed two stress tests, thallium scans, many ekgs, etc. Was always "chest wall" pain. Finally had an aniogram last Wed after 3 years and 8 blockages where the result. I always perfer to know the patient is a nurse if I am taking of them or someone in their family is. Gives us a common ground. I know I am a BAD patient. Makes my hospital stay that much shorter. LOL

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    I have seen some pts., that I would have liked to give 10mg of Ativan to. LOL Standard Ativan dose PO is 0.5mg to 1mg PO. Tend to think the doctor forgot the decimal point there somewhere. Ambien is for sleep not anxiety. Sometimes giving a "sleeper" to someone who is anxious just makes them worse, i.e, drowsy, but still anxious, so they get out of bed and fall. Ativan IV is sedation pure and simple, but can also be used for seizures, hence ETOH withdrawal = delirum tremors, etc

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    In 5 years, you will proably be driving a 3 and 1/2hp honda to power the electric motor on your ride. CAUSE gas will be 50.00/gal

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    Ok, so you wanna be a nurse? Like the smell of fresh caca in the morning, right after the coffee? How about running a code, giving it everything you know and the young man/woman dies anyway? Then getting jumped on because of the time spent cleaning up caca or trying to save a life should have been spent charting so your sorry butt is not sitting there collectin the OT. Been there, done that, was a corpsman, was a nurse's aide, was an LPN, now an RN for 20 years. Every job has its good or bad points. So, go for it, can always change later. Yeah, right>>>!! Ford vs Chevy, horsepower vs speed. Once you crash, doesn't matter what they cut you out of. Reckon I am just getting too old for this stuff.

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    What is your age? 50

    Are you currently working as a nurse? un huh

    How long have you been a nurse? 20 long years

    Did you graduate from a nursing program outside of the U.S.? no

    What area do you work in now? (e.g. - ER, teach, etc.) nursing home

    What nursing-related degree or certification(s) do you have? none

    What nursing-related degree or certification(s) do you intend to pursue? none

    Are you currently a nursing student? nope

    Is nursing a second career? nope

    If YES, briefly describe previous career(s). (e.g. - butcher, baker, candle maker)

    Were you in a management position in your previous career? nope

    Do you believe that people expect you to become a nurse manager because of your gender? nope

    Do you intend to become a nurse manager? (MAYBE & DON'T KNOW also acceptable) guess I am a nurse manager, heck, I don't know

    Are/were you a paramedic? nope

    Were you a medic in the military? yep

    Do you have a previous college degree? nope

    If YES, how many years prior to nursing school?

    Were you a pre-med student? nope

    Have you experienced NEGATIVE discrimination as a nurse or nursing student? yes

    Have you experienced POSITIVE discrimination as a nurse or nursing student? yep

    THANKS! PLEASE ADD ANY COMMENTS BELOW Would rather win the lottery

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    Got LPN pin, is in drawer somewhere. Got the RN pin, think it is beside the other one somewhere. Not into jewerly. Is personal choice, I guess.

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    Good luck in looking for a new career. Heck, I just keep playing the lottery. Actually, working as a nurse is not what it used to be. the only thing holding me to my current job is the pay, but, finished up my resume today and I am seriously looking for something else. Have applied for a prn position, just to get my foot in the door at a local hospital. Reason: I made the admin.'s daughter mad when I told her to go to her office. She was making a situation worse that was already handled. She went straight to momma,crying etc. Was called on the carpet and told that this young lady was on my level as a professional and I had better start acting like it. Now walking around with a target on my back. But, have vacation in a week and if push comes to shove can always do something else.

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    I have found that most people don't mind the tats, if you are a "good" nurse. That is regardless of age. Been there, etc, etc. Guess next will be "Nurses who smoke" :chuckle

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    Just have to post on this thread :chuckle I personally think work of any type suxxes. Am an RN supervisor, have worked in just about every part of a hospital there is. Been a hopital corpsman, a CNA, LPN etc. Have worked every type of frigging shift there is to work. My personal record is 1 and 1/2 mos of 7p-7a straight, NO time off. Yep, that was fun. Anyhow, take a good hard look at nursing. It is pretty good, pays the bills. But, if you get sick easily, can't stand the sight of a pt throwing up, usually all over you, someone bleeding out, constant diarrhea, etc etc. Then, you may want to try something else. Usually, the problems you will encounter is not the pts, but, the staff. We are our own worse enemies. Getting fired as an "at will" employee is not an everyday thing. Getting really p.o.ed and quitting is another. Nsg. jobs are easy to come by, but, you want to avoid job hopping every 3-4 months unless you are per deim. People will talk about ya. And yes, I have done lots of other things besides nursing. Good luck inwhatever you decide.

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    One word says it all. This thread reminds of a long ago RN, who turned down a terminal pt.'s morphine drip 'cause "She can get addicted to it" Proably the same type nurses who lecture pt.s, who have terminal lung CA and still smoke. Duh, alittle late now to quit don't you think? Hospitals don't give alcoholics drinks? Maybe not, but, are mighty free with the Ativan, Xanax and so forth so they get a chem. buzz and then get hooked on the drugs and the etoh. I don't agree with ICU pts smoking. But, on a general floor, you have wasted an hour or more trying to convince someone of your beliefs, etc, while they could have gone, had a cig. and come back and in a lot better state of mind than getting more upset listening to why they can't, shouldn't and so on. Have not met a smoker yet that did not know that smoking was BAD for them. Jeez, your non-smokers and reformed smokers (who are the worst) remind us every freaking minute of every day. If I am in pain, sometimes a cig helps more than the pain meds. If I can't sleep, a cig helps me to relax. Instead of lying in a stange bed with all the loud noises going on, waiting for the lecturing non smoking nurse to get off his/her 15 min (read-30-45 min.) break or finish looking at the Avon or 3-4 scrub catalogs, to give me a pill that I know will not be effective for 30-45 min or a shot 15-30 mins (IM) I could have been outside, smoked, back in room, in bed, in less than 15 min. Give me a frigging break. Now, before you all start with the flames, self rightous, indiginant replies. I smoke, I am an RN, I have worked every area in a hospital that has nurses. EVERY Area. Has anyone ever picked up my pts when I went out for a cig.? NO! I have been a nurse since we autoclaved bedpans and urinals, used glass IV bottles w/ time tape, cleaned our own needles and so on. Have seen every kind of pt there is to see and have come to the conclusion that we as nurses are our own worst nightmare. Enuff said!!!!!!!!

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    Tatts and piercings, jeezzzz what would Florence think???LMAO
    Personally, have 9 tats. Upper arms covered by scrub top, eagle center of chest can be seen occas., howling wolf back of neck. No hard feedback at work. Have sent ssomefellow employees to our artist. Nothing pierced, couldn't stand the pain! Wife has tatts and bellybutton pierced. If you are a good nurse and treat your pts accordingly, they will not care what you have on. (Personal viewpoint)

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    For a new grad RN, the pay stinks in Al. That is why sooo many get the degree and move on. The hospitals and LTC fac. just don't get it. But, on the good side, move out ofthe area, get some good experience, then come back. Will have something to bargin with.