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  • Jan 4

    I guess here its just that its another intervention thats generally not needed so why make all women go through what can be a very painful experience if there's not a clinical need to do it. Most of our maternity care is based around the principle that if there's no real justified clinical need to do an intervention then we dont do it. Ive only twice had post c/s women show clinical signs that suggested the need for fundal assessment (although I admit Ive only been doing this for 3 years so have limited clinical experience compared to others)

    I actually had a look through our national guidelines after I posted the last time to see what they say and fundal checks arent mentioned at all in our post-c/s care guidelines. As far as post SVD women the guidelines state that checks are not required unless clinical condition suggests a need.

  • Jan 4

    Im in the UK. Where I am we dont do any routine fundal checks on post CS women unless there is a clinical indication to do so (pain, increased lochia, temp, abdo changes etc)
    We also dont routinely do fundal checks on women post vaginal delivery once they're out of labour ward (again unless there is a clinical indication to do so)