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    I washed my scrubs in cold water since I dont work in the hospital, I worked in a long term care facility and I only give medications.So I'm not really concerned about the germs in my scrubs. And I wanna preserve the color of my scrubs, so I washed it in cold water.

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    We have so many residents in our facility who has behavioural problems likes hitting the staff,naming and swearing at staff and racist residents who really hate black people. Most of my staff are black people and we have this resident that swears and hit my staff who is black. What we usually do,we have to send two people to do the care, one staff to distract her attention while the other one will do the care. Blindfolding I think is considered a restraint or considered as abuse to the resident. There are other ways you can do the care. If the resident is aggressive during most of the care,does the RN in charge or the manager knows about the behaviour? If yes, did they do something about it? There are some medications that can help calm down the residents like giving them ativan or risperdal as prn before doing the care. I find this effective to my aggresive residents. I know how stressful it is to deal with this kind of residents and we don't deserve to be hit and abuse by the residents also but we must find a way to prevent it. I think the other way would be to change your approached.Try to win her trust,smile and do the care slowly and make sure that you not rushing her and try to tell her what you are going to do with her.

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    I think it is consider as an abuse to the residents and should be reported. In our facility, we make sure that we provide privacy to all our residents when doing care and eventhough we have a ratio of 1:8 , we make sure that we give quality care to each one of them.

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    I am an LPN and I worked in a long term care here in Edmonton, Alberta .I have 36 residents to give medications to and I have 5 residents with insulin and yes we have an RN who is covering 4 other units who will have to check with me everytime I withdraw the insulins. It's quite frustrating though to wait for a long time for the RN to come. While in my other facility, I also have 32 residents to give medications to and I have 4 residents with insulin but we're using the pen instead of the regular insulin syringe, so we don't have to ask the RN to check with us when giving the insulins.