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    I'm sure some of you may have gotten really odd or unreasonable assignments before. How do you react or what do you do? Last week I got an assignment of 3 patients, the patients were ok, but they were on three diffrent halls! Everyone else had patients on the same hall and rooms consecutively in order. I am new, but that should not have anything to do with it right?

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    Yes, I know you are not suppose to leave the pills at bedside , I should have put that in parethesis. The patient had no narcs, and was very compliant, and the ice stand was right outside the room .

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    Yesterday while I at work, I had a very strange incidet happen. I was in a patients room about to give her a.m. meds, and we noticed that her water pitcher was empty, so I sat her pills down on her bedside table and was about to go fill her water pitcher when the CNA walked in, at this point the patient asked her will you get me some water please. The CNA said "Yes, but she(me) could have gotten it for you too, we work together around here." I told the CNA that I was about to get it, and she said "Well go ahead, they (patients) try to disinguish between who's what, but we work together around here". I did fill the water pitcher, but I think that situaion could have been handled better. I am a very young nurse and I see this type of attitude aimed towards me a lot from older nurses and cna's. I know I need to work on being more assertive ,but it seems so hard to do at times being a shy person, by being afraid to speak up at times. So suggestions are