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    Is anyone familiar with ADL Data Software? This is long terma care software. I am looking for someone who is working with the windows product.

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    Is anyone out there using ADL Data Clincal software? I am interested in know how well it works.

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    Hi Dawn,

    I am looking at different software packages as replacement. The company I work for has a myriad of billing processes/requirements. In the past we have paid for custom fixes to meet our needs. Eventually we will probably move to different software.

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    Thanks for your reply, I am happy to hear that you like the system. The company I work for has 7 communities. We have AAOD and are using the MDS portion in all communities. 3 of the communties are using the Careplan module. It was a difficult transition because they were used to other systems. Are you using the Braden Scale? Today I checked and found out it does not print properly. The total score does not include the diagnosis response. I think it is question 6. I am looking for other systems, as a back up plan.

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    I am new to the bulletin board. I am looking from advise from you experienced MDS Nurses. I am looking for your thoughts and suggestion regarding MDS Software programs. What works for you now. What hasn't worked and maybe the reason why. The company I worked for now has used Accumed in the past for careplans. I am a Registered nurse but not an MDS Nurse. The users I support are MDS nurses and homehealth nurses.