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    Just offered a position on a tele floor at JCL DV, anyone work there? Anything good or bad to say about working for JCL? I have heard a lot of positive things, but am curious, please post your experiences with JCL, specifically Deer Valley, Thank You

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    just my 2 cents

    I am an RN, went straight through the RN program at phoenix college, home health sounds very enticing, however in my experience, it is not all that it is cracked up to be, and LPN's, unfortunetly are being fazed out, everywhere, even in a lot of nursing homes, if you are a new LPN you will be competing against a lot of very experienced LPN's, my suggesting is to stick it out and get your RN

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    In Pc?

    I am currently in block 2 of the PC accelerated Nursing Program, as far as waiting lists, it took me 1 year to get in however my app went to all MCC's not just for PC, so unless something has changed waiting list is for the whole district, the pre-reqs are district dependent not school dependent, so just look on the MCCC website for the pre-req info, the accelerated program at PC is really new so it was horribly disorganized and there seems to be a constant lack of instructors, we didnt know if we were going to have a PEDs rotation until about a week before we were scheduled, and I dont think any of the faculty would have said anything to us except that we all kept bugging them about it. Anyway all in all the instructors that we have had are very knowledgeable and I have learned a lot thus far, so good luck.

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    I took all of my pre-reqs through Rio online and am now in the Nursing program at PC, I am finishing up block 1, I will say that if you find the Rio A&P and Micro difficult, then you havent seen anything yet, because the A&P and Micro were cake compared to Nursing school, I am pulling A's in Pharm and Process, but it is very difficult, like a whirlwind, you have to learn and absorb as much info in 1 week as in a month of any other class that I have taken before. It is difficult but if you are truly dedicated you can manage. Good luck to you!