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    Hey all I'm also applying to Yale's GEPN along with Columbia and Duke (ABSN). Asherah, I definitely understand the hesitance about Yale. I'm feeling it too, although my primary concern is not receiving a bsn along the way and don't really wanna start off my nursing career limiting future prof options. I'm going for women's health/possible midwifery dual so yeah Yale's a pretty phenomenal option.

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    Hello all,
    I'm preparing to apply to both YSN and Columbia and am interested in some more recent experiences from students/alums from either. I'm particularly interested in learning more about how each school rationalizes awarding the BSN (CU) or not (Yale) to its students as well as profs' receptiveness to students, diversity of students/profs/ patient pop, rigor of courses, and opportunities for research/int'l clinical experience.
    Any and all info/ hearsay is appreciated.