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    Thanks so much for the info! If you think of anything else, please let me know.

    It's getting warm here...mid 80s such thing as spring, I guess.


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    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering if there is anyone here from southern California who recently moved to or is planning on moving to the Seattle area soon. I'll be finishing my last semester of an ADN program in June and taking the boards in July. I plan on working a year, no more than 18 months on a med/surg unit before's not a matter of if but when. The cost of housing (even if it's coming down) and everything else has and probably will continue to price me out of living in CA and I've always wanted to live in a place with four seasons.

    So, if you recently moved or planning on moving, can you share some of your insights like how did you plan the relocation, what you did and what you would not do if you had to do it over again. Also, did you have a job offer before moving or did you do the travel RN route and then decided to settled down or just up-and-moved and then looked for something after you got there? All websites (job search, hospitals, recruiters, etc) are welcome...please use PM.

    Again, any and all comments, good or bad, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance!


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    Here's what I have on my TX:

    - Davis's Drug Guide from unbound
    - Stedman's Medical Dictionary from Skyscape
    - Epocrates Essential (Rx, Sx, Dx, Lab, ID...and a whole slew of other medical apps...all FREE!!! There was a promo about 3 months back and I jumped on it. Make these two your best friends: 'cause that's where I heard about the promo.)
    - DxSaurus from unbound (
    - Shots2007 from CDC website...great little app for the vaccination schedule
    - Saunders Q&A Review NCLEX-RN exam from Skyscape (I use this whenever I have a free moment to review some of the 5000+ questions/answers/rationales.)
    - ICD-9-CM from Skyscape (Medical coding...use this the least but again, this was free.)

    In order of usage:
    1- Epocrates/Stedman's
    2- Davis's/Saunders
    3- DxSaurus

    Shots2007 is great for the pediatric rotation! Of the 128mb that the TX has built in, all the apps took about ~70mb so you do have about ~45mb left over to install whatever you want (the balance is for the OS). But remember, more apps installed = slower operation...nature of the beast.

    I also have a 1GB SD card loaded with all my class notes since the 1st semester (in 3rd semester now) of my ADN program. Gotta love DocumentsToGo and its ability to read Word/Excel/PowerPoint!

    Love my TX! But if the iPhone uses both a stylus AND touch input, I'll be all over that in a second. Although Skyscape have apps ready for the iPhone, I just can't see how one would navigate quickly AND percisely without a stylus.

    Hope this helps!