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    I graduated from the St. Vincents Staten Island Nursing school in June of 2005. I had the best clinical experience there, 2 days a week, which is more than most nursing schools. I started out in the College of Staten Island's program and I actually failed the first class by one point. If you fail, you are out of their program and you have to reapply. I reapplied, and did not get back in until 6 months later, and I was also accepted at St. Vincent. I'm glad I decided to go with St. vincents program b/c I liked it much better. The classes are smaller and more personal. The teachers know you by first name, and the teachers will have lunch with you, stay late, and do whatever it takes to help you if you need help. I strongly recommend their program. I am working in the best hospital in NY because I had one of the best training programs. Good Luck!