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    I did it. I have been out and practicing law for 4 years now. A nursing background can be an asset in my areas of the law. I do regulatory health law - Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement; developing compliance programs - as well as litigation defending providers on matters relating to payment. There are many useful ways to use your nursing degree and background in the law - I really enjoy it.

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    I took the NCLEX in 2000 and didn't take a review course. Passed with 75 questions. I used Kaplan's and studied a few hours per day the two weeks before the exam. Like other posters said, its all about the ABCs. Just keep that in mind, and you will do fine. I had friends who took review courses. They passed too, but didn't find the review class that helpful. Congrats on finishing school!

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    Not only do nurses drop out of the workforce because it doesn't pay enough for childcare, etc., other nurses, like me, drop out because they can make signficantly more money doing other things. I loved nursing, but I make significantly more money with about the same amount of stress as a lawyer, so I went that route. At least 10 other nurses from my 100 person nursing school class have gone on to do other non-nursing things as well for the same reason.