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    I have five kids. My wife did the pre-requisits at night and/or on-line when possible to save some of the daycare costs and be with the kids. You could also take a full course load by only going to school a couple days a week. And schedule your study time for the weekends when your husband is home.

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    Laura you can do it! My wife was in the same boat, same age as you and with five kids. She graduated last semester. It was hard at times but stick with it. She just took one class per semester for her pre-requisits and before we knew it she was accepted into nursing school.

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    Forgive me if this is out of place here, but...Also, think of your family when you are getting off later.

    My wife is an RN and we experienced this earlier this week. She was supposed to be off at 7:00, but didn't get home till 8:30. Please think of your poor spouse at home who has also been working hard, getting the kids off to school making there lunches etc.., dealing with car pool going to work, shopping cooking dinner, doing homework with the kids, grocery shopping etc...

    We are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

    p.s. don't complain about the mess, we are doing our best under the circumstances.