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    hi i'm a newbie here. I'm really confused with the nursing issue here in the Philippines and reading this forum made me think more. I would just like to ask some questions.
    If I don't plan to work here in the Philippines, then I should have just taken the NCLEX RN exam, pass it together with the IELTS then there will be no more problem in applying for the visascreen?

    If a license is not required in applying for a visascreen, then why do we have to retake the exam again?

    Reading this made me realize that I should just retake tests 3 and 5 and not retake all the exam again and applying for a waiver for my license.

    Please enlighten me on this matter. What we, together with my collegues and of course most of the nursing grads here is that we need to be licensed just to have that visascreen application. I know for a fact that I don't need to be licensed in applying for the NCLEX exam. But I also think that most of us wants to be registered nurses here in the Phlippines and at the same time in the USA. If the premise is that if you want to work in the USA, then take the NCLEX and not the local board. We should be enlightened with this matter.

    I'm so sorry if I happened ask the same questions but I'm really confused. Thanks a lot