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    I have worked a couple of short stints in the hospitals run by the IHS. The one at Rosebud, SD and the clinic at Lame Deer, MT.

    The best advice I can give new nurses with BSNs is this....If you don't mind living in a remote rural setting in the US, then really consider becoming a nurse for the Public Health Service, Commission Corp and then working for the IHS. You would basically be a commissioned officer in the PHS and can work anywhere a federal nurse is needed. Beside the few nursing jobs with the FDA, most jobs I know of are with the Federal Prison system and the IHS.


    -Tax free housing allowance
    -decent base salary that goes up with every year and pay grade increase. (Google PHS Commission corp payscale)
    -no overseas deployments. You can be deployed(sent) to a natural disater site like Katrina but only for 2 weeks at a time. I believe you can voluteer for longer periods if you want.
    -Retire like the military does. 1/2 pay after 20years, starting when you retire, not when you reach 65-67 years old. Free healthcare also. Now...think about this....if you are 23years old now. Where will you be in 20 years? Working for the same hospital and looking forward to ANOTHER 20 years before you can retire with a $2000/month retirement that YOU have to pay for healthcare? OR work for the IHS or prison system as a CC nurse, retire and draw a $3000-4000/month retirement at age 43 with free healthcare? The CC will pay for additional degrees as well. You have to take a commission before you turn 44. I found out too late. Of course as a CC nurse you can move and transfer to any place federal nurses are used and not lose a dime or any time. You may have a harder time moving the further up the pay scale you go, but it's still doable. For more info google "PHS Commission Corp".

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    The guy in the boxers is asking when we can do another video :-)

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    Thanks for the comments. I have posted it on my hospitals computers(don't ask how) and now they've gone to calling me "Rhinestone".

    Next will be Shania Twain's song "Any Man of Mine". It will become "Any Nurse of Mine". Just got to get some actors together.

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    It's actually more scary than the other 2 choices. People not thinking is what gets patients killed. Luckily it wasn't something life threating THIS time.

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    We make these kind of videos for my Air Force medical unit when we have our "Death by Powerpoint" training weekends to liven things up. Hope you like it: