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    Thanks are a great help for me.what is the standard of living in kitchener?it is affordable place to live with a family as a nurse.what do you think of missisauga and london?

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    Thank you for your reply.I will bring my family with me so I prefer to a town not too far from the city and with nice environment to raise a family.With in comes to standard of living and good school and sorroundings.
    Hoping for more info which is the good place to go.With it comes to the hospital I do not mind as long the place is suitable to raise a family.
    Thank you.

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    Dear Guys,
    I need your advise which hospital and place is nice to work and live in Ontario family.English is not my first language(originally from Philippines). Is it true that I do not need to take the IELTS since I worked in UK for quite a while?As told by the agency.
    I will really appreciate your good advice.
    Thank you.

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    Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for your advise.What I mean is they are not included in DS-230(petition) which was already approved.I cannot go with the private Atty.
    because I am with the agency.Im hoping for your good advise with your experience and knowledge about this things.

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    My papers now is in NVC and in my original petition my two stepchildren 15 and 14 yrs old currently in the Phil., their names was written in application forms but they are not included in my original petition.As what my agency told me that my petition was already approved,now we are planning to include them(stepchildren) in my present petition and if they could come with us going to US.What should I do?I need your good advise ethier they will fly from Phil or they will go here first in UK as long as my current application will not affected.Which is the best possible way to be with us.
    Thank you and hoping for your good advise.