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    I've heard good things about Wellington Regional and JFK.

    If you want to go more south to Boynton Beach, there's Bethesda which is nice as well.

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    Quote from UCFpinoSN

    As for the hair... I'm pretty sure it depends on hospital policies. But, one of my teachers is a Nurse Practitioner in the ICU and he has long hair that he has in a pony tail... so there is hope.

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    I'm 20 and decided on nursing as a career. I have never been this excited before to start something, and i'm glad I am choosing this path.

    However, i'm a bit confused on how I should approach it. My local CC has a good associate's degree program, so I believe i'll go with that. I'm saving for tuition right now, but is there any tips when filling out my FAFSA? Also, should I get my associate's, get some work experience then go back for my Bachelor's? Or go straight to school again?

    Also, is long hair as a guy a problem in hospital's? I know, just cut it. But

    Thank you for any advice.