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    Having not gone through CNA training, but being lucky enough to fall into a great job 8 years ago ,even as an experienced critical care patient care tech I have found that CNA's can be brutal to newcomers. Most of the techs at our hospital either started out as a CNA in LTC or are in nursing school, so the levels of experience varies greatly. Having worked PICU, ED, and adult ICU my knowledge base is vastly different from that of an aide who has only worked LTC. There are things that they with their background are just better at than me. I am not the best person to oreint a newcomer to the unit, and I will be the first to admit it. But I was a newbie once and someone had to take the time to teach me, so I try and always remember that. It is frustrating to have a student shadowing in a critical situation, but they need to observe and learn. There are some CNA's that I wouldn't want to have to orient to our unit, because of their know it all attitude, but if we needed the help, I'd find a way to do it with a smile .

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    I got the cut in the first pic about 1 month ago. I love it! My hair is thick enough that I can tuck the longer front sections behind my ears and they stay put. I do keep a clip in my pocket for the down and dirty jobs, just in case!