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    Blue sky always gave me fits. KCI still best IMO.

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    Cover wound with Hydrocolloid drsg for 5 days straight let it debride itself. It might need more debridement after and if so go another 5 days. At this point if its stringy green etc. Go wet to dry with gentamycin for 3days or so and let it clean out wound bed for you. At this point you need to eval drainage. D/C wet to dry and if wound is minimal drainage go with cleanse with wound cleaner,dry,apply hydrogel cover with foam drsg change Q 3-5 days,PRN. It is important to not change daily as this will disrupt the temp of wound bed and delay. Now on the flip side if drainage is moderate to heavy go with cleanse with wound cleanser, dry, and apply some Alginate Ag secure with mefix. Change 3-5, prn. Other suggestions Vit C, foam pad in w/c instead of gel pad (gel pad messes with temp of wound bed more if in direct contact, foam pad seemed to work better for me.) I had similar situation and this is a repetitive process but it resolved. Good luck hope I helped.

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    Money is the biggest problem with LTC. So tired of administration trying to make a buck and screw the patients. Anyway on to other topics. That is all. Feel free to discuss.:trout: