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    Quote from jess2007
    so far everybody sugested:

    1. saunders (suzanne's plan)
    2. kaplan (costs 300-500$)
    3. nscbn (same people write nclex qs, costs 50-150$)

    so, i guess we have to stick to one plan and follow it.

    thank you guys for your support once again. i'm going through stages of grieving right now. but, yes, we have to try, try, and try again to pass this nclex test. i refuse to give up!
    well done, thats the spirit. yes you will grieve for a while and its natural, make sure you look after yourself, eat well (even tho you probably dont feel like it), excercise when poss and try to rest. you need to recharge your 'batteries' and take some time for yourself if you can. but please remember; you are not a failure, you are a caring person facing the final hurdle. i will pray for you. take care and god bless.

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    Quote from EFAN
    I just found out I failed also
    My heart goes out to you. Dont despair, you will get there. Try and stay positive, this site really helps eh? What a fantastic bunch of people all 'gathered together' on one site, amazing. I feel so much better when I read all of the supportive comments, its nice to know that other folk feel exactly the same as you do. Take care and look after yourself, you will do it.

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    Quote from rockmed
    stay positive! you'll be able to pass it. i recently failed my first nclex and was wondering if anybody can suggest:
    kaplan vs. martin nursing review? bay area.....
    Good Luck to you too; you can do it, we all can. We all managed to 'survive' nursing school so we can survive this final hurdle. Great big hugs to us 'failures' and onwards and upwards. Keep positive guys. Good Luck to everyone.:spin:

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    Quote from jess2007
    i failed.
    it was my second try. i'm very frustrated. i don't want to take it again. i'm such a looser. i think i will never pass it again, even if i try again.

    i also would like to know about good on-line sourses, especially once that have lots of priority and delegation Q.

    You are most definitely are NOT A LOSER!!!!!!! I know how you feel, I take the NCLEX for the 2nd time 12th September and I'm really scared. I have been working so hard and last time I was convinced I had passed, how wrong can you be? This is a very hard exam and if you do not pass you have to just pick yourself up and try and try again. I dont care if it takes me 12 attempts, one way or the other I am going to pass, I may be 60 when I get thru, but hey at least I'd be nursing, Tee Hee. Im an RN from UK, if I dont pass, I dont stay, Oh well things could be worse. Please dont give up , you can do it, keep studying you will get there. God Bless

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    Quote from BleuEyes
    I came here in search of advice for passing NCLEX. I see talk about Suzanne's plan and am searching high and low for it without success...

    I actually came here to read reviews on Kaplan's Complete course. My mom is trying to get me to take that. I did read the Kaplan book about test taking strategies before I took my test and it did help but I think I need more help on content. I had 265 questions and was blown out of the water by so many of the questions it was asking. Definately a test like no other!!!

    I look forward to talking with some of you on here...and any help is appreciated.

    And about the Kaplan is offered in 2 weeks and again in August. Now since I cannot retake my test until September, should I take the course now and take full advantage of the 90 day question bank or wait until closer to my exam date?! Or should I just study on my own with Saunders?
    Hi Im so sorry you did not pass the first time; I also failed. I am a newly graduated nurse from the UK and if I dont pass I cant even stay in the USA. We have a new home here and many friends so like you a lot to lose. But enough of my moaning I just wanted to say you are not alone and you are not a failure in the true sense of the word. I have the Sauders book as recommended by Suzanne, its a great book and really well laid out, in a logical order. Im hoping it works for me and at least its a plan to follow, I personally felt like a drowning woman when I failed and I didnt know which direction I should take. For me as a newly qualified nurse I felt content was my own downfall. Youre right the NCLEX is like no other exam; I had never failed at any exam previously, it sure does knock your confiedence. Be brave, this site is great and everyone seems so supportive, we can do it. Good Luck with everything and keep your chin up as they say in UK.

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    Hi LT, Lake Havasu is a great place to live but employment situation dire for majority of people. Only one large (ish) hospital; small town of about 57,000 really friendly but not the place to work if you want to get rich. Extremely hot July/August, approx. 128 F so if you cant stand the heat not the place to be. Having come from the British weather I love it but not for everyone. Very much a 'hire and fire' town Im told, so over to you. Good Luck

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Have sent you a PM, but I do think retrogression is putting a few off until they know what is happening
    Hi, well Im told that Lake Havasu, AZ are still recruiting nurses,give them a call you never know. I live in LH but have just failed the nclex so have no choice but to continu with the studies. Good Luck

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    Quote from RNGrad2006
    Hello Everyone, I am a newly graduated RN, now living in Arizona. Finding this site has been a 'godsend'; was feeling very alone in a new (tho wonderful) country. I have left all my family and friends in the UK in an attempt to start a new life in the USA, not easy. To stay here I need to pass the dreaded NCLEX; took it Thursday; did not pass; arrrrrrrrgh!!! If I dont pass,I dont work and I dont get the green card. Any UK trained nurses (especially fresh out of Uni) out there who have navigated the USA system, NCLEX etc? Really want to make my life here and I have the greatest respect for all the US nurses, they must really know their stuff. If anyone has any advice would be very grateful. I have a husband (here on his temp visa at the mo)and a wonderful small border collie and I feel they are depending on me. As a newly graduated RN have limited experience of course but I am soooooo keen to learn and be the best nurse I can, I love the job but am concerned that as a newly qualified I wont get thru the NCLEX has anyone heard of a UK 'newbie' getting thru? Take care all and thankyou.

    Where were you planning to work? I am a Canadian RN but trained in the US and had no trouble with NCLEX but would highly recommend Saunders and Kaplan to prepare for NCLEX. I also thought the Mosby computer adaptive test was a good way to build up confidence because it gives feedback and shuts off just like NCLEX and then you can go back and go over questions. The questions were not as hard as some but I think just practicing as many different types of questions as possible is helpful and the format is also so foreign for most with having one question at a time and then shutting off depending on how well you do. I studied for 3 weeks and passed with 77 questions on my first try. It is possible!!! But when you start working I would highly recommend a good teaching hospital that has a good new grad orientation program. I started at St. Joe's in Phoenix and would highly recommend them. I have had an excellent experience. Everyone is very welcoming and don't mind answering my questions. St Joes has excellent benefits and lots of fringe benefits like discounts, referral bonus etc... A very professoinal and employee friendly facility!!! Good luck. I guess you have to wait to write the exam again but don't wait too long sometimes that just increases the anxiety.
    Take care. PM me if you have any other questions.
    Many thanks for the advice, pretty flexible re; work place; just want to learn as much as possible with a professional and supportive team; will keep in mind your comments re; Phoenix. Thankyou for taking the time to answer and support a new 'rookie'

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    You should be able to get it from any book shop, think I got mine from Barnes and Noble also Amazon will sell it. AOS is adjustment of status which you can do to GC once visas are available. You won't be able to work unless your husbands visa allows you to work until visas are available
    Thanks again, youre a star

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    Wishing you good luck for your nclex. You can do it, God Bless

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    Quote from Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck.
    Many thanks; all support greatly appreciated. New to this site and sometimes may take a while for me to acknowledge; tend to navigate to strange areas (rubbish at map reading too).

    Take care and thanks again

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    Quote from chuck1234
    I took a course in Kaplan...I paid $350 for that...and I passed it...the computer stopped asking me questions when I finished question #75.
    "Practice makes perfect!"
    Good luck!
    And I can't wait to see you working side by side with me....
    Thanks Chuck, if I ever get thru the rotten NCLEX I would be delighted to work 'side by side' with you and every other wonderful US nurse. As a newly qualified nursing can be daunting at the best of times, but hey who wants an easy life eh? If we wanted that we have chosen the wrong career I think. Once again thanks for the support. By the way what was the title of the Kaplan course?

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    hi and welcome to the site,

    Check out the UK forum and you will find there are already a couple of nurses from the UK already working in Phoenix, I am towards the end of the process and just waiting for a visa. Also check out the NCLEX forum and Suzanne's sticky as she has done a programme. Be aware at the moment of retrogression and you can't do AOS at the moment, check out the international forum as plenty to say on there on retrogression and it's affect on everyone. PM me if you want anything. I passed on 3 attempts found it hard as an experienced nurse taking the exam
    Many thanks Anna, do you know where to get the Saunders guide Suzanne mentions? Also wot's AOS? Pardon my ignorance!!

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    Quote from Nuieve

    I just made this website, basically it's a very simple program that gives you a medication name and asks you what group of medications it belongs to. I made it because I always confuse meds with non-nondescript names and I hope it will help memorizing them by asking you a thousand times what that is. I took all the meds from Saunders Comprehensive Review 3 ed book.

    I hope it will be of at least some help to you...
    Thankyou so much, must have taken you ages, greatly appreciated, youre a star

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    Hello Everyone, hope someone out there can help. Just failed the dreaded NCLEX for the first time. As a UK educated RN; only qualified 2005; US terms, values etc. very different. Is there a course that is tailored to foreign educated RN's to help with the exam? If I dont pass this I cant make my new life in the US; no exam pass no visa, no pressure eh? Any help greatly appreciated, the worry of having to leave this wonderful country has increased due to my failing the NCLEX. I so dont want to go back to the UK; you US nurses sure do know your stuff; feeling very inadequate at the mo. Take care everyone and thanks for any help you may be able to give.