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    Quote from toledogal
    Hello everyone! I just found this forum this afternoon and wow! there is some wonderful information here that I am looking forward to reading. I will be 45 years old this fall. Am I too old to start a nursing career? (Or maybe just crazy?) I got off the "fast track" in IT about 7 years ago when I remarried and had another child and decided to stay home for a while, and I wasn't able to get back on again. I have a BS degree and I would love to work with Alzheimer's patients or in hospice. Sorry if this subject has been discussed before. Thanks for your advice.

    Toledo, Ohio
    Dear Suzanne,
    I started nursing school at age 44 with my sister who was 50. We both are now RN's and both have careers that we love. Don't let anyone discourage you from your dream---good luck!