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    I recently took the NLN. I didn't finish the verbal or the math sections completely. I got to question 40 on both sections. I know this affects the scores. I got a 91 composite score and the percentiles were in the mid 30s. I didn't do as well as I think I would of had I completed the sections in the hour. Do nursing programs consider that a factor when they analyze a student's potential or are decisions based solely on the scores? My undergraduate GPA is not competitive either. However my high school GPA is great. My graduate GPA is good since you have to maintain a B average to stay in the program. I have a great work background in community and urban studies. I am switiching careers so I don't have a science background. I just feel a bit discouraged because for those of us without a science background, we have a lot of shoes to fill when compared to folks that knew they always wanted to be a nurse. Any realistic assessments for me? I know if I went to school full time again like in high school, I would also do just as well as the others. HELP!