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    I'm in the process of writing a paper about this topic. It sounds like you've been keeping close track. Do you have any ideas of where I can look to find some thoughts on what the delay has been, how the bill(s) have progressed, etc? I just can't seem to find good, solid articles about this. Thanks so much

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    This is wonderful news!! So happy to hear there has been some real progress!

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    Just curious WHICH hospice you work for and in WHAT area?

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    A girl at work actually works for them, and seems to enjoy it. Maybe we'll meet up someday, as I may soon jump on board

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    Just wondering if you'd had any responses are further experience in response to your question. Thanks much

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    You're NOT a failure!!! If anything...the system is failing you! Nursing is a very difficult and unusual job. The training should really be much longer, because you can't possibly encounter and know how to handle such a wide variety of physical & mental health issues in just 3-6 months AND organize your time AND effectively understand all the required paperwork/dealings with doctors/hospital policies. Oh, and I forgot to mention, preceptors come in all different sizes, shapes, colors (and moods). Hang in will feel bad often...just try to get used to it, and not take it personally. Let yourself cry a little if you need to (some days alot), and make sure you have people on the "outside" to vent to. Know there will be days you'll think you're crazy for choosing the profession.

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    Just wonder if you'll please post whether you get in or someone I know will be applying next year, and we're wondering the same thing.

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    I just wanted to add a note of THANKS!!! I am also seriously considering JU's RN-BSN program. I'm wondering if it's worth it (especially financially) to take all of the General Education Core classes at a community college? Do you have any experience with this? Any input is greatly appreciated

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    Well, I don't have an answer to your questions about the books, but I am accepted into the JU RN-BSN spring semester. I have to admit I'm scared to death. Nursing school itself was very difficult, and the thought of all of these online classes have me a little nervous. I'm wondering if you know if the general education core classes can ALL be taken at the community college and transferred? Or is there a limit? I'm anxious to get started...but also not anxious to part with 1200+ per class, of those classes I can take locally.

    Let me know if you have any information on this.

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting this! I feel so validated right now! As a new grad, taking on 5 patients during the night shift...still on orientation, I really appreciate this post! We will ALL get through this & grow immensely from it. What a challenge! And we thought nursing school was rough!

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    So, after researching a bit more, I've determined the probable reason for the ketones-10 is starvation/calorie deprivation from lack of appetite;small bacteria isn't really unusual; epithelial-4 may just be some contamination, although may be signs of nephrotic syndrome or tubular degeneration; protein-10 may be linked to nephrotic syndrome, but for a single specimin seems to be just slightly above the normal range, and WBC-52 is definitely high...and I've not found anything other than it is indicative of urinary tract/vaginal infection.

    After further research I discovered that 1.8-Creatinine and 25-BUN are most likely indicative of kidney malfunction.

    I'm not sure about the PTT, and although it was noted as (low) on the lab report....could this possibly be because she takes aspirin daily? Maybe this isn't a detail I should focus on in my plan of care. Does it sound like I could focus on the bleeding ulcers, and the probable kidney issues? Any ideas on nursing diagnosis for the kidney issues would be well as opinions/ideas as to my perception of things thus far.

    Thanks again!!!

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    I'm so stumped on my current care plan. We are supposed to analzye the labs, and write up some details. Some are quite clear...while others are not making sense. Maybe somebody with more experience can help me solve this mystery.

    Pt history is Thyroidectomy/Hypothyroidism; Hernia Repair '05, Kidney Infection w/blockage & Stent Placement; Peptic Ulcer Disease; Diverticulosis w/Diminutive Polyps.

    Pt was admitted with- 1 week abdominal pain, nausea,vomitting, blood in stool, no appetite. Current visit EGD shows duodenal & pyloric ulcers.

    Pt normally takes aspirin & synthroid, but has been stopped for 2 days.
    Pt is currently receiving only Protonix IV, and had received a few doses of Zofran and Hydromorphone upon admittance.

    In looking at the labs, it makes sense that RBCs are low, Hgb is low, MCV is high, and MCHC is low (I believe from blood loss/anemia). It also makes sense that BUN/Creatinine are both high (since client is has low appetite & not eating much).

    What is not making sense is the PTT of 21 (why aren't they giving her anything & why does she have bathroom priveleges?) her urine is protein-10, ketones-10, WBC-53, Epithelial-4, Bacteria-small??? Is this just considered urinary tract infection? If so...why wouldn't she be on antibiotics for it?

    If anybody sees any "loose ends" that I'm missing...or if I'm "way off", I would appreciate ANY insight.

    Thanks in advance!!!