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    Quote from Courtney1202
    I actually asked one of our ENT's why they made us wear our masks during everything (except a BMT) and the others don't. He told me that since we are all in kids faces and don't know what kind of bug they may have (airborne/contact) it's to protect ourselves. Also from blood and fluids getting in and around your mouth. Oh another good one is wearing a mask in the Cysto room. For what reason? I have yet to figure out.... maybe along the same lines as the blood pee in the mouth!!
    Funny story - We have a urologist who has a sense of humor. If he thinks you are not paying attention, he will squirt you with the water from his scope! So, pee in the mouth isn't exactly unheard of. He has also squirted KY down a nurse's scrub shirt (she wears hers a little too low cut for my tastes - but, who am I to judge?)

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    I meant 8 to 12 on a floor - not SICU - that's why I am leaning toward the unit....smaller nurse to patient ratio. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    Update: I have just been offered a job in the SICU at a larger hospital. I have worked there with organ donor management last month, but I couldn't get a good feel for the atmosphere. I believe everyone would be very helpful, but after reading posts about new grads in the ICU (which I feel like one right about now!), I am a little worried about moving straight there. Thing is, I am a surgery nurse. I am used to one patient at a time. Eight to twelve (gasp!) on the floor would swamp me! I don't think I could handle that - or could I? Please help....

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    I have been an OR nurse for two years at a smallish hospital (six OR rooms + one cysto - no major neuro, trauma or heart). I went into the OR straight out of school - no floor experience. Now- I'm burned out with the OR, and I want to go somewhere else - ICU, floor, step-down unit, I just don't know.........What do you think? I would really appreciate your imput. I work with an organ procurement group now, but the hours are killing me, and I would like something with independence, but it is not necessary. How about home health, or hospice? I would really like some advice from those of you with much more experience than me.

    Thanks in advance for the great advice I know is coming!!!