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    Can someone please tell me what would make people harm the patients placed in thier care?? I keep reading about Nurses and CNAs and other staff abusing, neglecting and even killing thier charges. I don't understand why they feel the need to do this. Yes, I take care of patients who are abusive to staff, some are aware of what they are doing others are not. Still I would never knowingly or willingly do harm to any of them.

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    I consider it an honor to do post-mortum care. It's the last job I can preform for my pt and thier families. That said, while doing the care I talk to them and sing to myself (usually Amazing Grace).

    I once had a 98yr old lady pass. When I called for premission for RN Pronouncement, the PA who was angry about being woken up, demanded to know if it was an expected death.... my reply was "she's 98... do you think she was immortal??

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    Quote from AnonRNC
    You're right: if someone is so obese that you absolutely cannot get around them from the back, go to the front and give abdominal thrusts. You'll probably need to get low in order to thrust up and in.
    As a new Nurse I had a 400lb pt choke on lunch. I couldn't get my arms around the pt so one of the CNA's and I joined hands and circled the pt and that did the job. It was cumbersom but it worked!!

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    Quote from grantz
    I agree. if you ever loved your mom or dad you won't let others took care of them. Other caregiver (I'm not saying all) don't care on what your moms feeling right now or let's say they having some pain or something that makes them uncomfortable. But the caregiver just ignored it. why? because they had a lot of patient to take care if and yet it is not their mom or dad they taking of so they don't even care about them. They just care about the money they care on that facility. So if you do really love your parents you won't send them to nursing homes. You must care for them as they cared for you like you were in your developmental stage..
    Respectfully I disagree and have to say I fail to see how you formed your opinion. I work LTC, I watch my staff give care to thier patients just as they would give care to thier family members. We provide a safe place for those who cannot care for themselves. We watch each and every one of those people and can tell the smallest change in behavior and health. When they are crying in thier sleep, my staff and myself will go and sit with them, hold thier hands, listen to thier fears, or wrap our arms around them and hold them for as long as they need. Yes we have other patients to watch over, but each person is special and loved by us. I have seen CNA's and Nurses take turns sitting with a dying patient while waitting for the family to arrive. I have watched as Nurses took patients out to dinner or church or a movie. I have seen people take the time on thier day off to accompany a patient to the Dr's when the family couldn't. We don't care what it costs for a person to stay in our faculity, in fact, if asked most of us have no clue how much it costs to stay. The reality is that each and every one of our charges become family to us. No, they are not family by blood, but just as important, they become family of the heart!

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    I work LTC, anywhere fron 25 to 30 pts. We have an 2 hr window, (you have from 3PM until 5PM to pass meds) try getting report from 3 to 3:20 then finding and giving meds to all your patients who are wandering around, gone down to PT, LOA with family (didn't tell staff they were going). You also have to locate your Diabetics and get them before they take off for supper which they start passing out at 4:30. It's enought to make you crazy!!

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    In my Nursing Program 1/2 the class were White American and 1/2 were African American. We were all over worked, underpaid and struggling to pass the courses. Color had nothing to do with how well we did, no one got a better education than another in the class. On our graduation day we were all proud to be Nurses!

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    Quote from xtxrn
    Wait until the agency nurses orient the facility happens.
    When I worked agency, I was requested by one of the LTC in the area. They wanted me because I worked there often and they had a new Nurse to orient and the DON didn't trust the staff to train them correctly. They also called me in to re-educate staff and to watch how they did things to ensure they were following policy!

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    I am in the process of gathering all my recipies to publish. Can't type and eat at the same time and found that writing about food seems to "fill me up". I also crochet, or read a book.

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    Quote from steelydanfan
    1. never let an irate anybody get between you and the door.

    2. know when you no longer have control, and call for security imediately!
    i work ltc, we have no security! the ptb believe it is too costly so they wont hire anyone for security. the only safety we have is each other, which puts us behind on care for other patients, which they promptly report to the administrator. the results are staff getting in trouble for protecting each other. life in ltc is not fun or easy for any nursing staff!!

    3. let 'em go! i f you have an irate pt. how is threatening to leave, get the paperwork, present it to them and let them go, whether they choose to sign or not. don't try to be a hero, it's their choice! i would love that , however, when you have a patient who is extremely confused management considers it a safety issue for the patient is we allow them to leave.

    4. of course, document like crazy. documenting only works if those higher up take the time to read and react to your documentation and if you are even grabbed, insist on pressing charges. if grabbed, our only option is to scream and pray that help will arrive, of course each person must ensure the patient they are working with is safe before running to the aid of the staff being attacked let these idiots know this behaviour is not ok, nurses are not punching bags. i have been told by upper management that it's ok for patients to abuse staff, however we are in no way, shape or form to defend outselves. i had one cna who suffered a fractured mandible after a roundhouse punnch, and the supervisor showed up; asking him if he was well enough to continue working without going to er! the guy was bleeding like a stuck pig through his nose, for heaven's sake! what can i say? i was injured at work and told i had to stay for 4 more hours, and wait until the next day to go to the company doc,'s for treatment. seriously, we are just a body ensuring they get thier bonus.
    that said, i love my patients, for the most part they are easily redirected. i do my job for the ones who need my help, those who can do for themselves i expect them to do so. if they refuse to wash, shower, eat or drink, i document the heck out of it and let anyone who cares know that this patient who is demanding to be fed thier meal has been seen numerous times feeding themselves cookies, candy, chips and whatever else they want. they are here to get stronger and to go home, not to be babied.

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    I've been fired from Dementia pts, left the room and came back 2 minutes later to have them tell me all about the "horrible Nurse" who was in earlier and how glad they were that I was taking care of them cause I was thier favorite Nurse!

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    Here in where I live, we had rain and wind, but no power outages. I did have a tree fall in the road that blocked me in, it wasn't cleared out until this morning. A few small branches fell in the yard. And my orchard didn't lose as much fruit as I was afraid I would lose. Down in the towns and cities surrounding me there was alot of flooding, I live up on a small mountian so flooding really wasn't much of a problem. Hope everyone made out as good as I did.

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    Well, I've done all I can to prepare for the storm. Everything that can be blown around is now in the garage. My generator is charged, gassed (I'll pick up another 10 gallons on my way to work) and hooked up to the electrical system (just have to flip switches to activate), storm windows down & locked, Have my Maddie's tranqs so she doesn't drop dead of fear (poor sweety was a 6 mth puppy when she went threw Katrina, still panics during storms), plenty of food and water for me and dogs. Now just hoping and praying that all the preparation will be for nothing. I am scheduled to work 3-11 this weekend, should be ok to get in (I hope), my big fear is downed trees blocking me in (mile+ dirt road thru the woods is my only way in or out). I worry about my apple & pear orchard, it's a bumper crop this year and I don't know how much I'll lose. Good Luck to everyone and God Bless!

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    Apparently he wants a Nurse he can complain about, or you possibly didn't behave in a manner he wanted, like: flirting or joking. Sometimes you can't win no matter what you do.
    However here are some tips to please him;
    1. disappear from the floor so he has to wait an extra hour (or 2) to get his meds.
    2. wear Nursing Dresses, real short ones with the top 4 buttoms undone
    3. roll your eyes whenever he speaks to you
    4. tell him it's not your job when he asks for water, soda, a snack, whatever

    I'm sure he will love your "Nursing Skills" again. And want you back!

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    Dumb question, but, what is a DoH??

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    Great to hear something nice about Nurses instead of all the bad! Congrats to her for knowing what to do & doing it. I know for a fact that I would be one of the useless ones, I would definately be the one calling 911 and directing traffic. All I have is basic First-Aid so I would have to leave the care to those who know!