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    I once spent a 1/2 an hour looking for my glasses, then realized I was wearing them.
    I can sing all the songs played in the dining room at work.
    Some of my patients in LTC are younger than me.
    I become confused when speaking to the "younger" generation because I don't know the "new' english.
    New Math is now old.
    I keep hearing my favorite song from high school played in elevators!

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    Look closesly at the wound, if it looks deep, wont stop bleeding, send them out. You can tell a "normal" wound from a"stichable" wound from the depth. If you look and can see that it is so deep it has gone thru all the skin layers then it needs stiches. Temple wounds always win a ride to the ER.

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    This is rather interesting, all I can say is "Thanks Memere'" she hooked me on hot tea when I was 5 years old. She believed it was a cure-all!

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    The word you are looking for is "admitted", google & spell check are not always reliable.

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    My daughter had to have an emergency hospital stay, the social worker went up to her room and helped her fill out the paperwork for Charity care. She was approved and they paid for her entire hospital stay. Thank God there are people out there that do this, daughter couldn't afford the stay, didn't have insurance, had no way to pay, and I could not help her at the time. Don't be embarassed, sometimes we all need help. Hope your Mom feels better soon.

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    I have yet to meet a person I could not straight cath in 1 try! (The reason I became so great at it is the scents you breath in while working in "That" area )

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    I usually give a report on why I am sending them out, what thier baseline normally is, VS & if they are A&O or not. I usually send the last labs done on the patient so the hospital has an idea of what to test for and are not repeating tests unless needed. I also call the hospital and report who I am sending, why and what I am sending with them. My BF is a retired EMT/Firefighter, I know he has alot more experience than I do so I treat all EMT/Paramedics as if they are equal or more experienced to me.

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    Cross them out! You have no idea how much trouble it is for a new employee (or agency Nurse) to figure out what should and should not be given.

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    I agree with Want2BANURSESOON, there are many jobs out there for home-companions. This is what you are doing, if you are worried about not being licenced, go for a class in Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA). This will also give you more experience and we are ALWAYS looking for good CNAs. (This in NOT a slam against CNAs, I have worked with more great CNAs than bad ones)

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    Quote from mama_d
    Sorry I left that out!

    Are you sure it's not so we can catch the random flyin objects the detoxing pts send our way?
    No, for that we need a catchers mitt!

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    As an LPN, I beg to differ. You are very limited as to where you can work, in Massachusetts (where I live) LTC's are hiring more RN's therefore less jobs for us. I know of many LPN's who passed NCLEX and 6 months to a year later are working as CNA's because they can't find jobs as LPNs.

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    I have to say that I have told others not to go into nursing. Between the disrespect, ever increasing amount of documentation, demanding patients & family members, and the fact that you are guilty and have to prove your innocence for everything from patient complaints to meals served. I just can't advise anyone to enter this profession with a clear heart.

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    Quote from b.randolph
    Thank you all for your posts. I had a meeting with my nurse manager today and well let's just say im the one who walked out with a write up. For those of you who said I just put up with it and get a tough skin, must not have had to put up with being called racial slurs for most of your life. My mom is white. I have never heard my 85 year old WHITE grandma use derogatory terms like this one. To those of you who said that I should not put up with it anymore, Thankyou. Im beginning my job search now.
    EXCUSE ME???? they wrote you up for telling them you don't want to put up with being insulted??? Leave that place NOW! It's not worthy of your time or well being.
    (sorry for the caps but this just ticked me off and hit every button on my list)

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    Quote from JRP1120, RN
    I know at least our school is trying to make nursing students better spellers. We were told during exams if we spelled any medication or disease wrong, we got the question wrong, even if they could decipher it! Harsh maybe but totally necessary in the medical field!

    On a slightly different note, what I'm seeing more and more everywhere and totally bugs me is the lack of proofing and editing of professional journals, magazine articles, print ads and the like! I've got a very good eye and always find these simply overlooked foo-pahs but most of the time it leaves me shaking my head! Do people not use their spell-check/grammar function before submitting these things that go to print for the world to see? I pay attention to the little details and I'm hoping it will help me on the floors as a nurse.
    It doesn't matter if they use spelling check. if you write "thier" instead of "there" it will not correct you. When I went to school we had to learn to pronounce the words we were required to learn. When my daughters entered school they were given words to memorize, when I questioned the teacher she told me learning by pronounciation was old school and they didn't teach it anymore. Neadless to say, I spent many a night teaching my girls the sounds of the alphabet.

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    I believe she meant LTC residents. I pray daily that these attitudes towards people of different races will pass with this generation. In the mean time have you spoken to your supervisor? Many places will sit the offenders down and tell them this is not acceptable. Personally I would not give up on Nursing, I would dump this job and find a new one, that attitude is creating a hostile working environment for you and you do not have to put up with it. Good luck in you decision.