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  • Jun 5

    I'm a single Mom. I worked full time for the first 6 months while going to school. It was killer, the last 4 months I worked about 24 hours a week. My 2 girls were a big support, even helping out with my homework. Would I do it again!! You bet I would. It was tough but worth every moment both then and now!

  • Jan 11

    In LTC, Med pass is 85% of your day. You are given 2 hours to pass meds for 25+ patients. meds are usually scheduled for 8AM so you have from 7AM until 9AM to get it done. But, from 7AM until 7:30 you are taking report and making sure your cart is set up. By then your patients are OOB and can be anywhere, so most of your time is spent looking for them. If you have a pt that had fallen and is on Neuro checks, Dr in to check pts, PT wanting to get an early start on thier day so they can get out early, short staffed, looking for that patient who also has meds scheduled for 10AM,or family calling to see how Uncle Fred slept last night, forget it, your going to be behind all day! Then, once you complete your 8AM pass, it's time to start your 12noon pass! OH, I forgot those treatments you have to stop your pass to get done so they can get OOB. Yes LTC med pass is all encompassing, there are many days I feel like a legal pill pusher, but it is what it is. I love it when I come in to work and find out that we have 2 or more admits coming in, it makes me wish I had stayed in the factories!

    And yet, strangely, I do love my job.

  • Jul 24 '17

    If you pick up per-deim shifts from a pool;

    PRO's: you can pretty much pick whick days and hours you want to work.
    CON's: if your hours get canceled you either go w/o the hours or have to pick another day that you wanted off.

    From another Company;
    PRO's: your days are pretty much guanteed as you are replacing a person on thier day off
    CONS's: most Companies require you to work at least 1 weekend a month, which leaves you one weekend a month off. And you might have to work a holiday or 2.

    I have worked a full time position while working per-deim, it's exhausting as you really do have less down time. After a while you just need to take time for yourself and find that the money isn't always worth the toll on your body. They really look down on call-outs from per-deims, in some cases they just offer you what ever left over hours they have (usually the shifts no-one else wants) or just stop calling you.