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    Quote from srna2008
    Has anyone seen his book for SRNA's

    I read the book! It is awesome! I would recommend getting it!

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    Becoming a paramedic would prepare you for emergencies and you can learn about some important medications. I just finished a semester of teaching paramedics to become RN's. There are programs that you can do online to become an RN from a paramedic but you have to have lots of experience and knowledge to get into them. The program I was teaching in is an online program where the students come to my area (KS) for their clinicals. All of the classes are online. The program has been such a success that it is hard to get into with out excellent grades and experience as a paramedic. We had people from Florida and California in the program last year. All have passed state boards so far! This program is an ADN program. You must have a BSN to apply for CRNA school. You can become a paramedic, find a paramedic to RN program, become an RN, work on your BSN while getting ICU experience....then apply to CRNA school. Or you could just go to school now and get a BSN then apply to CRNA school. Good luck with what ever you choose. Don't ever stop learning.

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    Quote from foxyhill21
    Can I get my CCRN with less than 3 month exp?

    I studied off and on for a few years before I was brave enough to take the test but you can never start studying too soon. It's been a few years ago that I became CCRN certified but i think you are required to have enough hours in (equal to 1 year in icu) experience before you can take the test. This might not be accurate. Your employer has to verify this so you can send it in to AACN. The AACN website has a lot of valuable information. They used to have a blueprint that you could use as a study guide to prepare for the test. Check out the AACN's website it has some great info on it. I am a member of the AACN and they have so many cool should look into that too.

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    Quote from dtrmnd2sccd
    I have just gone back to school (at age 36!) with a 2 and 4 yr old--have a ways to go before I will be in a CNRA program, and I REALLY wish I had figured out sooner that this was my calling so that I could have gotten it done before having kids!! :smackingf

    It is rough having two active preschoolers and having to tell them "mommy needs to study" (daddy is at work full-time and right now, family is not near-by but will be in another year). I have no choice--the girls are here and my calling is, well, calling! But if I did have the choice, I would CERTAINLY delay kids by 5 yrs if I were in my 20's in order to get where I wanted to be in my career. No question whatsoever in my mind, but that's just my and your mileage may vary!
    I think there are many of us that are wishing that we would have figured out what we wanted to be when we were younger. I have a 3 yr old and a 7 yr old and they just don't get it when I tell them that I have to study. I understand what you are saying. I would definately have my kids after I was done with my education if I werestill in my 20's . I didn't know what I wanted to be when I was 20 something!

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    Quote from OpenheartAmy
    Remember the story about the 80 year old woman taking Hebrew classes. A fellow classmate asked her what she was doing taking classes at her age, and she looked at the person and plainly said, "It's the only age I have left.".

    No matter what AGE you will be when you graduate, you will be that age ANYWAY. Food for thought....yummy snacks all around.
    Best of luck to all!
    love it!!! We all have to remember this one!

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    I've been looking for posts about those with kids in CRNA school. I have my future planned (perhaps a bit too much) by finishing my BSN in time for my youngest to start full time school. It is killing me to think of missing so much time with them for school but I know everyone of us will benefit from my continued education. My kids are mamma's boys and frequently refuse to allow my husband to care for them (wipe butts, assist with dressing, tuck into bed, etc.). Spoiled rotton really. KristyRN, I am so sorry that you had to stop (not quit) school. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to do that. I am praying that my husband can handle me going to CRNA school. He is very supportive but I often misinterpret his communication as negative when it isn't meant to be (you think after 13 years we would know each other better). This man was even a stay at home dad for 6 years until I talked him into nursing school!! I hope that CRNA school doesn't cause a divorce. I'm sure the pressure on a marriage is tough. Kristy RN, I think you made the right choice at the time but I hope that you will be able to return to school when the time is right for you and your family.

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    Quote from CaslaRN
    Yes - starting this Fall. Applied to 2 schools, interviewed with 1, got in.

    PS..... I have been a nurse for 14+ years. I have worked Med-Surg, PostOp Trauma and OR before ICU, so I certainly wasn't green.
    So glad to hear you got in to school. I have been looking for people that have been nurses for along time that are trying to get into CRNA school or have gotten in to school. I keep reading all of the posts by nurses that have only been out of nursing school (for less than) a couple of years. It's making me feel a little old. There is something to be said for experience.

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    Quote from MB37
    I've always wondered why a BSN wasn't considered a "science major," and why a "health professional" shouldn't have to take challenging science courses...

    I know a lot of nurses that could never handle taking so many science classes but I completely agree with you. I would just make sense for nurses to be science majors with the amount of information that we really should know about the human body. I just had a gen chem class, gen bio, Microbiology, and basic a and p class. If I would have known then what i know know I would have taken so many more science classes. My husband completed an ADN program a couple of years ago and the only science classes he needed were microbiology and A and P. It seems ridiculous that nurses aren't required to take more science classes.

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    I started out ina MICU about 10 years ago and hated it so much I went to a nursing home to work after a year of ICU. My coworkers were very experienced and really didn't have time to train me. I didn't feel wanted at all. I have since returned to ICU and love all of it. My first impression of your situation is to find another job; it does get better. Learn everything you can. If something is going on with one of the patients ask questions. Look everything up in a book if you can't get answers. You will begin to irritate people but you need to find some way to like ICU. It is so awesome to learn critical care. The best thing about it for me is the independence and respect I get from physicians. I can call one of them at 3 am and tell them what I need and they say OK. It did take me 10 years to get to this point though. I am slowly working on my BSN and want to be a CRNA asap! I would say try to stick it out for a few more months and then if things aren't better find another ICU. There are hundreds of jobs for ICU nurses. Start studying to become a CCRN now too, that will help you learn why you are doing what you are doing. :wink2: