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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Michele and I am currently taking my prerequisites before being accepted into the nursing program at Salt Lake Community College, in Salt Lake City Utah.

    I am so shocked, by the rumors I have heard from fellow nursing students. I have been told numerous times, by other pre-nursing students, that there is a 2 year or more wait to begin the Nursing program. I know that there are not enough class seats (60 - 90 seats per nursing course, per semester) to fill the demand of students wanting to become nurses.

    Has anyone heard of such a "waiting list"?
    If this is all true, then I will be waiting for 2 years before I can come back to school and start nursing school to earn my A.A.S. degree in nursing.

    Is a waiting list a common practice in all schools or just mine?
    Any insite or information will be greatly appreciated and helpful.

    (Feeling very frustrated.)


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    Dear Daisy:
    Hi. I aslo worried about doing things like peri care, changing briefs (adult diapers), giving bath's and such. After you are in school for awhile and after you do those just doesn't bother you anymore.
    The first time I had to give peri care, I could see that my patient was feeling very embarrassed and somewhat personally intruded upon. In turn, I was more concerned with trying to help my patient not feel so embarrassed and undignified about what was happening.
    Keep faith. All is well in the end. After you are in nursing for awhile, I am sure that you will think back to this day and be greatfull you decided to become a nurse.
    Best of luck!!!

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    Hello everyone.
    I am hunting for a good scholarship book, so that i might find money to help pay for college (Nursing). Does anyone have any suggestions on a good scholarship book??
    I would love to hear from you.

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    Thank You everyone for your insight and help.
    I am just a CNA right now. I work in a nursing home. I love this bring's me GREAT satisfaction!
    I have decided to further my education at a community college here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now I just have to find the $$$$ to pay for it.
    Thank You Again.

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    Dear KBC119:

    I hear ya!!! I am trying to find funding through scholarships as well. The best places I have found to look for "scholarship" are in books you can check out at the library. You will have to spend a lot of time searching for the scholarships that match your needs. I am planning on buying some books a local bookstore on "How to pay for co;;ege", because most of the books I need from the library are already checked out.
    BEST of luck to you!!!

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    i have been seaching the internet for an online nursing school program. i have not found any that meets my needs. i am a cna. i want to go back to school and get my lpn or my rn. the trouble is......the school i want to go to is 50 miles away. uuugghh!! has anyone heard about an online school where a student can take classes to become an lpn or rn..?????