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    That is great Talulah. If you only have 3 more spots to go then you will get in. They told me I was number 28 to begin with so maybe I am number 6 now. Wow, that list moves fast.

    Yes, you probably have the jitters. Hopefully the nervousness will turn into excitement once you get in, although having to move and go to school are big steps. I already work at a hospital, so I just want to get in nursing school and get it over with and start a new job. Good luck. I hope you get your acceptance letter soon.

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    I called Manchester today because I was too anxious to wait any longer. The woman I spoke with said that there were 10 people in front of me on the waitlist. I got at 120 composite, so if you did better than me you will be ahead of me. She also said that she still has 15 people who have not sent in their deposits so she said there is a good chance they will make it through quite a bit more of the waitlist. She said that there was a good chance for me to get in, so you probably will also. Last year she said they accepted the whole wait list. So there is still hope for all of us waiting. Good luck.