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    your age: 28
    your location: amherst, ma

    what school do you go to? university of massachusetts
    are you doing adn, bsn, rn-bsn, etc. ? traditional bsn
    how long have you been in the program? i did 2 years of pre-requirements. now i am in my senior year.
    how long is the program? 4 years
    how long did it take you to get in? (waitlist?) 1 semester between application to upper division and entrance to upper division.
    what was your gpa? 4.0
    are you happy with the program? i am pleased with the teaching, but less so with the general learning environment. lots of undergrads party on weeknights, then whine about "how hard nursing school is" when they do poorly on exams, or "how mean the professor is" when he/she won't scale up test scores. also, students here seem to really like to riot and destroy school property whenever anyone utters "boston red sox". it's kind of a meathead district out here. <vent> also, the school has weathered severe budget cuts that impacted our facilities and faculty ratios.... it's supposed to be getting better in the coming years, though.
    how much does it cost (estimate for the whole program)? well, it's 9883/year for just tuition and fees. multiply that times 4, then add about 500/year for books, then add housing, food, transportation and insurance costs and....yow. thank goodness i'm old and qualify for aid.

    umass has done me right as far as having nearly limitless academic resources (the library is 30 stories high!) and lots of faculty working on independent research. we also have an honors college that gives its students a bit more attention, and the surrounding region is gorgeous in spring through fall. lots of countryside, hiking, and rivers to swim in.

    i hope you find a program that fits you just right and best wishes for school!