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    Pet Peeves:

    1. Other nurses who post to a Pet Peeve thread and tell the rest of us that we are whining and sniveling. As one who posted earlier said, this is THE place to vent. By venting here, we can "be nice" to our patients -- so that our attitudes don't "carry over" to them.

    2. Doctors who gripe when called, for something important (I can understand if the matter is insignificant), in the early morning hours. If they wanted to sleep through the night without calls yet still be in the medical field -- be a nurse !

    3. Others who leave the medication area a mess. Do they leave their houses that way ??

    4. Patient families. <sigh> ... I love the fact that the patient has support, but gracious! He/she "needs water, another blanket, the TV channel changed, etc." .. one small thing after another every ten minutes.

    5. "Oh! You have 4 other patients than my mother (father, child, etc.)?"

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    Rissi-Roo wrote: My husbands name is Gary and when ever I type his name I almost always type it Gray. Well, I really don't like the name Gary but I have grown to like the name Gray.... Does this sound like a good name to people .?????... I like it and my husband does too but I don't know if I can bring myself to name my next boy that... I HAVE heard of Grayson but never Gray.....

    Here in CA, our governor's name is ..... Gray Davis ...

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    I went to High School in Florida with a girl named LaTrina. And, actually lived next door to a Justin Case. My little boy's middle name is Scottish Gaelic, it is Tiernan -- pronounced Tee-ir-nan. A little unusual, but my husband and I both fell in love with the way it sounded with his "whole" name: Connor Tiernan Douglas.

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    Hmm ... looking at my above post, I see that I need practice in posting with HTML ! Ah, well ...

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    3rd semester RN student here. Mostly to say what's already been said: dart the needle (our instructors tell us that slow=pain ... the body has time to feel the pain if you hesitate or inject the needle slowly). Also ... I learned the truth of the statement, "It's not the <I>needle</I> that hurts, it's the <I>medicine</I>." We practiced IM injections on each other, with normal saline. I honestly did not feel the shot. IVs: we were each other's guinea pigs. I felt like a pin cushion at the end of our lab day (we were required to performed 5 <B>successful</B> sticks). But .. I figured, what the heck, my partners need practice, and I'd only be sore a little while! Good luck with your injection labs -- they can be scary (mostly because of the "what we don't know, we fear" theory). I was one who worried that I wouldn't be able to give patients injections .. but my lab partner has turned into a great friend of mine, and I figure that if I can stick <B>her</B> without making myself upset, that I should have no problem in sticking a <B>stranger</B>! .. I, of course, was correct !

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    Those are two books that we used (are using) in my program. I agree with you on the Phipps,, I think it's written way beyond our level. The Townsend volume was a bit better. In my case, it wasn't the book, but our psych instructor that needed the overhaul. She wasn't bad .. just a little scary Anyhow .. psych was last semester. Three nearly down, only one full semester left. Yehaa !

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    Dentist here in town: Dr. Drilling !!

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    Graduate, class of 1982 right here! I was 16 when I graduated, so was a teen/young adult throughout the 80s! ... I remember the girl groups (Lauper and Madonna my faves) .. Atari .. I had a Commodore 64 -- complete with the cassette drive (a hard drive was WAY too expensive). MTV and VH-1 had videos, and nothing but videos. Styx was the best .. ah .. who'd have thought that I would look back with such nostalgia ???

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    My favorite recently spotted on a bumper sticker:

    We don't need a Fountain of Youth, how about a Fountain of Smart ?

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    Here in our neck of the woods, we have a dentist. Her name: Dr. Drilling!

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    I've been out since the third week of May .. don't return until 14 August. Was just thinking yesterday of how bored I am, not counting activities with hubby and young son. I finished my first semester, and the syllabus for the second semester should be ready by mid-July. I'll try to get a jump on the reading, just to alleviate my "no-school" anxiety!!