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    Quote from cmmny
    It makes me so sad to hear this but I know all too well the reality of it. The thought of having to take steps back after all the hardwork we devoted to becoming an RN makes me sick!! I am in the same boat as you, I just graduated in May and has been an LPN for 14 yrs and am having so much trouble also finding a job. Either they dont call you back or reject you or tell you that you need experience..uggh, hello I guess my 14 yrs as an LPN are useless!! I'm sorry..I'm venting but it is so frustrating!!
    Dear Cmmny:

    If you have been working as an LPN in a hospital, please visit your Nurse Recruitment office because you may quality as an internal candidate for an interview.

    Apply to your hospital RN-New Grad program and hopefully you land a position. Take care and Good Luck.

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    Quote from sunshine_star
    I got the call yesterday also. Congrats everyone who got in.

    Btw, is anyone from out of town moving to the LA area? I'm looking for someone to room with. If you know anyone, please let me know Thanks.
    Hello Sunshine_Star:

    If you want privacy or need room mates, try logging on to Silver Lake is only about 8-11 miles away. It's about 30 mins drive at 0630. But if u want to live closer like 2-8 miles away from Cedars-Sinai, the rent is anywhere from $1500-3000.

    Good luck.

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    Hello Zanca3 and Northbay:

    I believe all who have been accepted would most likely get trained on MedSurg prior to stepping in different directions -->specialty departments: ED, Peds, Ortho, OB Gyn, etc.

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    Hello Lariz,

    First of all congratulations for being accepted to an RN-Residency program two months ago.

    If driving 30 miles (60 mi round trip) will be very challenging for you and you haven't started the residency program yet and has plans to apply to another new grad program closer to your residence, if I may suggest to you a few options:

    1.) Accept the offer because that's once in a lifetime offer from hospital A and that may not come around. Stick it out and work at that hospital for at least 1 year from the date the RN residency is over. Transfer out to hospital B after 1-2 years.

    I have been driving 24 miles round trip for the last 13 years but because I love the hospital (and all it's benefits and etc...), I don't mind the drive at all. Or,

    2.) Decline the acceptance to hospital A. Therefore, you can give that spot to another qualified candidate.

    Once you accepted that position and decides to transfer to another program, not only that it's wasted resources $$$$ on the hospital A's part, you have also wasted that spot that could have been offered to another qualified candidate.

    3.) If you feel that you truly want to work at hospital B, then wait when the application process opens up. BUT, You will be taking a risk in getting accepted or not. At least, you will not waste hospital's A resource and will not take up a space that can be taken whole-heartedly by another qualified candidate.

    I hope I have given you some objective rationale behind all of our suggestions. Thank you and good luck with your decision.

    Best regards.


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    Has anyone heard from the nurse recruiter at Cedars-Sinai regarding your acceptance to RN-Residency in July 2010?

    How was everyone's interview?

    Good luck to all.